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    A big phat buy in Bonedale

    On Jan. 1, 2022, a year of talks culminated in the sale of Mark Fischer and Lari Goode’s Phat Thai restaurant to local Eric Mitchell and his talented but silent business partner.

    An alluring anchor on Main Street since December 2003, Phat Thai has long been a congenial, social crossroads;… read more →

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    SAW co-creators launch sister-project, FARM in Fruita

    Known for its delicious produce, extensive trail system and Mike, the headless chicken, the steadily growing city of Fruita is adding another exciting attraction for residents and tourists alike: FARM (Fruita Art Recreation Marketplace).

    Located at 158 South Park Square in downtown Fruita, FARM is a community-centric project for Grand… read more →

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    Serving up a delectable Shortsfest

    With so many film options it’s been a busy time for the Aspen Shortsfest programming team, led by Shortsfest Programming Director Jason Anderson. They will serve the succulent film-fare to hungry audiences from April 5 through 10.

    Under the auspices of Aspen Film, a year-round cinematic arts and education organization,… read more →

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    Scuttlebutt / Calendar - March 31, 2022

    Mountain Fair line-up

    Tune into Express Yourself on KDNK this Friday, April 1, for the grand reveal of Carbondale’s 51st Mountain Fair slated musical talent.

    Scavenger hunt

    The Carbondale Rec Department hosts “Where My Peeps At?” on April 16. Teams of up to six people will unscramble clues leading to… read more →

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    COWPL pursues greater public engagement

    In December 2021, The Sopris Sun reported on a proposed land swap near Pagosa Springs involving 380 acres of public land, including roadless areas, wetlands and dispersed camping. The Valle Seco Land Exchange has since been delayed.

    “The appraisal will be reconsidered due to our work arguing that… read more →

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    Tunnel busters: Stones yet unturned

    Produced in collaboration with correspondent Myki Jones

    Something recently has resurfaced in the community’s attention: hushed whispers of tunnel systems underneath the city of Glenwood Springs. So, naturally, The Sopris Sun team went underground to bring you this story, tattered with mystery at every twist and turn. There are some… read more →

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    Unified for the Thompson Divide, over a decade in

    This past week, I was in Carbondale. I live along the Crystal River, right at the base of the Thompson Divide, so a trip into Carbondale isn’t all that uncommon. But I was making a special trip — one to pick up a new “Unified for Thompson Divide”read more →

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    Letters - March 31, 2022

    Dear Carbondale voters

    As a resident of unincorporated Garfield County, I do not have the opportunity to vote in this election, however, if I did, I would vote to re-elect Erica Sparhawk: a proven leader, rooted in compassion, integrity and community, with the skills to ensure Carbondale recognizes and meets… read more →

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    Addressing climate change in Colorado relies on Xcel

    In 2018, Governor Polis signed his Climate Action “Roadmap,” setting targets for cutting the state’s global warming emissions by 50% by 2030 and 90% by 2050. Of course, the law contained no enforcement mechanisms. In 2021, frustrated at the Polis Administration’s lack of measurable progress, and with pressureread more →

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    Skateboarding meets inclusivity

    An art class at Colorado Rocky Mountain School (CRMS) took it upon themselves to create an impact beyond the Bar Fork, promoting equity and inclusion of trans people and women in skateboarding and the broader community.

    Before becoming a full-time art teacher at CRMS, Noah Sakamoto grew up in Piedmont,… read more →