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AVB thumbnail Power Punch Parkinson's participants practice mitt-work at Sopris Park. Photo by Jane Bachrach Photo by Jane Bachrach
Chisme thumbnail Las plantas son como alas, pero plantadas en tierra. Dibujo de Leonardo Occhipinti Dibujo de Leonardo Occhipinti
Diane thumbnail After the world implodes, Missy Moore, Julia Whalen and Jennifer Johnson lament the loss. Photo by Nick Pascarosa Photo by Nick Pascarosa
Godzilla thumbnail Brian Colley talks to Andrew Roberts-Gray about a piece, his silk-screened "Godzilla" movie still. In the background, sits a Godzilla made from folded origami cranes. Photo by Jeanne Souldern Photo by Jeanne Souldern
Sangre de Cristo thumbnail La Sierra de la Sangre de Cristo asombra con su magnitud impresionante. Foto de Vanessa Porras Foto de Vanessa Porras
True Nature thumbnail The Crystal Jubilee celebration invited local thought leaders such as Brook LeVan (above) and John Bruna (below) to speak from within True Nature’s kiva. Photos by Sue Rollyson Photo by Sue Rollyson
Vaughn thumbnail Blacksmith Vaughn Shafer, owner of Iron Arts, refurbished the El Jebel sign last week for the first time since 2008. Photo by Paula Mayer Photo by Paula Mayer
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    Potato Day Recipe

    Jillene Rector, raised in the same Carbondale home she resides in today, brings readers this Potato Day themed recipe which she used a lot while working on a ranch in Kirby, Montana in the ‘80s. She would serve the ranch hands after a long day of working theread more →

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    Carbondale Report: Trustees revisit STR ordinance

    All trustees were present at the regular meeting on Sept. 27.

    As part of their annual budgeting process, the board continued to hear updates from partners, including Senior Matters and Clean Energy Economy for the Region (CLEER).

    But first, during general comments by trustees, Lani Kitching announced that Wilderness Workshop… read more →

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    Squaring off with Parkinson’s

    All Valley Boxing (AVB) started in a church garage in Carbondale about six years ago, according to the organization’s founder, Paul Shaffer. Today, as a nonprofit organization, AVB strives to strengthen the quality of life for its participants through boxing. 

    Shaffer grew up in the Bostonread more →

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    True Nature celebrates 15 years at The Crystal Jubilee

    A stunning fall morning set the tone for a festive and inspiring day at True Nature Healing Arts as they hosted The Crystal Jubilee, a “renaissance of the awakened mind,” celebrating True Nature’s 15-year anniversary.

    Founded in 2007 by Eaden and Deva Shantay, True Nature isread more →

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    Godzilla exhibit examines fallout from the nuclear age

    In their first collaboration, visual artists Brian Colley and Andrew Roberts-Gray present “The Godzilla Show: Planet Eater.” The exhibition, which takes its title from the 2018 computer-animated film of the same name, will explore two man-made phenomena: Godzilla and the nuclear bomb.

    The multimedia installation opens Thursday, Sept. 29 at… read more →

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    TRTC opens season with ‘Hurricane Diane’

    Thunder River Theatre Company is opening their 2022-2023 season on Sept. 30, with Pulitzer prize finalist Madeleine George’s original comedy “Hurricane Diane.” The show, directed by Tony nominated actress, Beth Malone, centers on a titular character, Diane — a permaculturalist, who is also the incarnation of the Greek God of… read more →

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