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 thumbnail Sylvia Johnson assists artist Reina Katzenberger. Photo by James Steindler Photo by James Steindler
 thumbnail Samantha Altenau is one of five women performing at the upcoming Salon on Jan. 23. Courtesy photo Courtesy photo
 thumbnail El Safe & Abundant Nutrition Alliance (SANA) recien agradeció a sus voluntarios con una noche de tamales y champurrado. Foto de Soria Ceja Foto de Soria Ceja
 thumbnail Pastor Mustard (aka Dan Sadowsky) spots his portrait, painted by William Matthews, in Paris, France! Courtesy image (photoshopped) by Alex Halperin Courtesy image (photoshopped) by Alex Halperin
 thumbnail Cartoon by Larry Day Cartoon by Larry Day
 thumbnail Jan. 20 is National Disc Jockey Day! KDNK’s Art Ackerman, the 96-year-old host of “Swing, Swing, Swing,” may just be the oldest disc jockey in the Western Hemisphere. Ray Cordeiro, who holds the Guinness world record for “world’s longest-working DJ” retired in June at the age of 96. Photo by Paula Mayer Photo by Paula Mayer
 thumbnail Seventh grade teacher Samara Doll teaches students about the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. at Waldorf School on the Roaring Fork. Photo by Will Sardinsky Photo by Will Sardinsky
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    More than 'the thrift store'

    If you have ever gazed up from the doorway of the building located at the corner of Third and Main in Carbondale, you will have spied a blue sign with yellow lettering that reads: Rebekah Lodge.

    Many locals know it as the Near New or, more informally, as… read more →

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    The good pastor hangs up his headphones

    Yes, alas, it came to pass — on Christmas Day, no less. Legendary DJ Pastor Mustard (aka Dan Sadowsky) announced during his weekly “Bluegrass with Mustard” show on KDNK that, after the better part of two decades on the air with it, this would be his last one.

    In a… read more →

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    Reina Katzenberger creating coincidence with community

    By James Steindler

    To Reina Katzenberger, art is more than a medium expressing one creative’s mind; it’s about community. That is why the local artist is inviting anyone and everyone to visualize and take part in her creative process. 

    “Art in Process” is a workingread more →

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    Scuttlebutt & Calendar - Jan. 20, 2022

    Got papers? 
    The Sopris Sun needs your help! After recently moving offices, a complete set of 2019 papers meant for preservation were lost. We’re hoping to round up three copies of each issue to be bound and archived for historical preservation. It’s a matter of historical record and… read more →

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    Salon Series returns with courage and strength

    “At its linguistic root, the word ‘courage’ comes from the word ‘heart’ — an invitation to meet what is most difficult in our lives with our hearts flung wide and willing to risk. And ‘strength,’ in my experience, can be a paradox. The more vulnerable I am, the more… read more →

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    From roadside to table: Colorado Parks & Wildlife permit turns roadkill into meals

    By Danielle Davis

    “After I relocated to the Roaring Fork Valley, it was curious to me that the animals [along the side of the road] were left to scavengers, given my prior experience in Alaska,” says Missouri Heights resident Mike Fleagle, who moved here in 2018.

    Fleagle is an Alaska… read more →

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