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    Local teen shares business smarts

    By Alicia Lowe
    Special to The Sopris Sun 

    Editor’s note: Glenwood Springs High School senior Alicia Lowe produced a series of interview with local entrepreneurs for her capstone project. You can find audio versions of the following interview by searching for the podcast “When You Grow Up” online. … read more →

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    Proposed Forest Service conveyance advances

    Perhaps you’re familiar, perhaps not, but the Forest Service administrative site on Valley Road, east of El Jebel and Crown Mountain Park, is bracing for change. Thirty acres of the 70-acre site, which has been used for Forest Service employee housing for decades, is slated for conveyance and its future… read more →

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    Wading in: Ballot Issue A

    In addition to electing three trustees and Carbondale’s next mayor, town residents have the opportunity to approve replacing the John M. Fleet Pool, named for a former Carbondale mayor, with a new aquatics facility in the same location.

    The new pool would separate the lap pool from the general recreation… read more →

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    Opinion: Getting beneath the bullying

    If you tell a bully to stop bullying, it’s not going to work. Let me put this a different way; if you tell a hurt individual to stop externalizing their pain and taking it out on others, it’s not going to work. Plain and simple, current anti-bullying strategiesread more →

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    If you’re leaving footprints, turn around

    It’s March again, which means it’s time for our annual reminder that it’s not great to use muddy trails.

    With current trail counts for Red Hill coming in between 65,000 and 70,000 uses per year, it’s more important than ever for trail users to be aware of best practices.

    “If… read more →

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    Syringe services and more, sans judgment

    Maggie Seldeen started High Rockies Harm Reduction (HRHR), not on a whim, not because she thought it would be edgy, but because there was a need. A need she’s observed, and felt the impact of, within our community. 

    Overcoming addiction is a convoluted path, with lotsread more →

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    Recommended reading: "Beyond the Fields"

    By Gabriel Tamaska
    Garfield County Public Libraries 

    “Dreams were like fireflies. We had to grasp them. Catch them. Otherwise, they would fly away. And it would be dark again.”

    Work is a constant in the lives of Tara and Zara, a pair of twins just… read more →

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    Soup’s on: Breakfast at the Calf-ateria

    It’s early morning just outside of Carbondale and the Cowboy Calf-eteria is bustling. Chefs Tim and Ted Nieslanik, along with the help of their sous chefs, William Steindler and Clayton Skinner, prepare breakfast for about 300 customers who eagerly await to be served.

    Calving season isread more →

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    Scuttlebutt / Calendar - March 17, 2022

    Cutting gas

    The Community Office for Resource Efficiency (CORE) was awarded $1.2 million in federal funding to address methane leaking from the defunct Coal Basin Mine. The methane emitted from Coal Basin sends a significant volume of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. CORE is hosting two public events to address… read more →

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    Letters - March 17, 2022

    Replace the pool

    On April 5, Carbondale voters will decide whether the town should replace our aging pool with a new aquatics facility, without raising taxes. Here’s why I’m voting YES on Ballot Issue A, supporting a new aquatics facility financed by existing revenue sources: 

    1. Our existing pool… read more →