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    Local musician delves into scifi with “Ed Pinley Paranormal Investigator”

    I have known Lester Rogers as a local Western Colorado musician for many years, but I was genuinely surprised to discover that he had recently authored a book. The title of the book is “Ed Pinley Paranormal Investigator”, and it takes the reader on a wild ride, featuringread more →

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    TACAW to feature Songwriters’ Round

    The Roaring Fork Valley is rich with entertainment opportunities. The Valley supports a wealth of options in music, drama and the fine arts. One venue in particular has proven to be a dependable option for a varied selection of live entertainment: TACAW (The Arts Campus at Willits).

    On Sept. 1,… read more →

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    Local author quenches SciFi thirst with “THING: First Contact”

    This reviewer has been an avid reader of science fiction novels ever since discovering them in a small-town library in Illinois. Those books were “a ticket out of town” and transported the reader to different worlds, thereby broadening imagination and creating a literary thirst for more of theread more →

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    A transplant’s tale from Florida-land

    Last autumn, my partner and I said goodbye to Carbondale. We packed our belongings into a rental trailer and began the long drive to Florida. 

    We left Carbondale at 3 a.m. Glenwood Canyon had just been cleared of fallen rock and the pavement was stillread more →

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    Tyler Stableford lends a helping hand

    There is a small building near Sopris Park in Carbondale that is easily overlooked. It is unassuming, much like the award-winning photographer/director that conducts his successful business from that location. In fact, Tyler Stableford, the owner of Tyler Stableford Productions, is better known by his national clients (whoread more →

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    Bear-roping and jewels at Four Mile B&B

    I am certain that I have driven past Four Mile Creek Bed & Breakfast more than 100 times, often at the maximum allowable speed limit. However, that changed recently when I stopped in to visit with owners Jim and Sharill Hawkins. My visit resulted in much more thanread more →

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    It all started with The Denver & Rio Grande Railroad

    When this reporter first arrived in Carbondale, the trains transporting Mid-Continent coal were still active, and automobile drivers would often have to sit in their idling cars for several minutes, waiting for a train to clear the crossing. But that minor inconvenience was destined to disappear.
    The “last hurrah”… read more →

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    Dólares, Presupuestos y Amigues de Cuatro Patas

    Publicado originalmente en inglés el 28 de enero, 2021  

    Traducción por Jacquelinne Castro

    De acuerdo con Wes Boyd, director ejecutivo de C.A.R.E. (Rescate de animales de Colorado), su albergue de animales está operando normal a pesar de la reciente eliminación… read more →

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    Dollars, budgets and four-legged friends

    According to Wes Boyd, Executive Director of C.A.R.E. (Colorado Animal Rescue), their animal shelter is operating as normal despite the recent elimination of the Garfield County Sheriff’s animal control program. The loss of funding for animal control from the county sheriff means that there will no longer be… read more →

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    A stroll in Sopris Park

    Eric Brendlinger, Carbondale’s Director of Parks and Recreation, reports that Carbondale now has a total of 26 parks. Some are large and some are small, but Carbondale’s 3.9-acre Sopris Park is generally regarded as the crown jewel by virtue of both its location and the numerous community events… read more →