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Reservations & cancellations after deadline will not be honored. 

Holiday Deadlines – 2023
Thanksgiving — Nov. 22 for Nov. 30 issue
Holiday — Dec. 18, for Dec. 21 issue
Year in Review — Dec. 23, for Dec. 28, issue

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CAMERA READY ADS — Tuesday AT 5p.m.
Send Camera Ready Ad

The Sopris Sun goes to press by 5p.m. every Wednesday.

Sopris Sun Produced Ads:

  • Include text with exact wording.
  • Provide layout suggestions and instructions.
  • Due to our short timetable advertisers are limited to TWO revisions.  Successive revisions will be charged revision fees.
  • Resizing for other publications available at an additional charge.
  • All images (pictures, photos logos, or scans) need be at least 300 dpi format to ensure optimum printing. 
  • Please do not embed images and logos into a word document, as we cannot use the embedded images or logos. Send these as a separate files.
    Note: Artwork downloaded from the internet is normally NOT PRINT QUALITY because it has a resolution of 72 dpi.  Taking an image from the internet and enlarging it or increasing the dpi in with imaging software does not solve the problem, rather makes image quality worse. Further, images off the internet may be copyrighted. Please submit only your own pictures or purchase stock photography. 
Print Ready Image at 300 dpiInternet Image at 72 dpi
 Photo by Jane Bachrach

Camera-Ready Ad Submissions:

  • PDF Files with fonts embedded.
  • CMYK Colors — Convert your PDF into CMYK colors.
  • 100% Black Fonts — Convert all black text into 100%, true black (K). Black text that is a combination of CMY does not print well.
  • 300 DPI Images
  • No bleeds
  • No crops
  • No printer marks
  • Files should be named with your company name (i.e. not Sopris Sun).
  • InDesign PDF files should use PDF-X1a format to export.

Acceptable Design Software

  • Adobe InDesign
  • QuarkXPress
  • Serif PagePlus

Unacceptable Design Software

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • CorelDraw
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
    Microsoft Word

Measurements / inDesign Templates:

Ads have the flexibility to be placed in any section of The Sopris Sun. For a 20% upcharge, you have the option to request placements in specific sections of the paper. Please make this request when reserving ad space.

Bilingual Nature of the Paper: Being a bilingual publication, we aim to place Spanish ads in our el Sol del Valle section and English ads in other sections. However, due to space limitations, this placement might not always be feasible.

We strive to accommodate language preferences as much as possible but ask for understanding in situations where space constraints impact specific ad placements.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support of The Sopris Sun and el Sol del Valle.

Payment in full or a credit card number is required at time of reservation.

Todd Chamberlin