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  • Brian Colley thumbnail

    Brian Colley is an illustrator that provides The Sopris Sun with a weekly cartoon called The Unparalleled Universe.

  • Crystal Mariscal thumbnail Otra Perspectiva : Crystal Mariscal

    Crystal Mariscal, editora del Sol del Valle y autora de Otra Perspectiva.

  • Dolores Duarte thumbnail Dolores Duarte es originaria de México y desde hace más de 12 años vive con su familia en el norte de Idaho. Entre otras actividades, es una ávida lectora de historias de ficción, realiza trabajos voluntarios en las escuelas a las que atienden sus hijas, y disfruta de la jardinería, así como de caminatas y paseos en bicicleta por los lagos y montañas de su ciudad. Nos cuenta, "Trabajo como traductora independiente, y estoy feliz de poder colaborar de forma voluntaria con la sección en español del periódico Sopris Sun, aprecio el esfuerzo del editor, Raleigh Burleigh de expandir los artículos a audiencias latinas y las oportunidades que me brinda. Cuando leo los artículos de este periódico, Dolores Duarte, foto de cortesía. además de conocer y aprender sobre el área, tocan una fibra muy especial de mi corazón. He caminado y recorrido en bicicleta partes del Rio Grande Trail, he apreciado la majestuosa vista de la montaña Sopris en diferentes estaciones, y he escuchado los cencerros distintivos del ganado que transfieren durante una mañana fresca de verano, todo esto durante viajes de visita a nuestros queridos familiares del bello pueblo de Carbondale." ¡Muchas gracias por acompañarnos en esto, Dolores!

    Dolores Duarte es la traductora principal para el Sol Del Valle.

  • Dyana Furmansky thumbnail

    Dyana Furmansky is a freelance contributor and author of a column called Slug It.

  • Frederic Stevie thumbnail

    Frederic Stevie is responsible for making sure the paper arrives at our many newsstands and other locations from Glenwood Springs to Aspen, every week.

  • Genevieve Villamizar thumbnail Sopris Sun contributor Geneviève Villamizar is among the list of local residents taking advantage of CPW permits to make the most of game killed by random accident. A cow elk harvested by Villamizar last year became the bounty of many meals among family and friends, plus an opportunity for deeper acquaintance with the process of butchering meat. Courtesy photo

    Genevieve Villamizar is a freelance writer and columnist for The Sopris Sun specializing in topics related to local food production and acquisition.

  • Hattie Rensberry thumbnail Hattie Rensberry

    Hattie Rensberry, Graphic Designer

    Hattie is a Western Slope local, with a BA in Graphic Design and Drawing. She works as a freelance photographer and designer on occasion, and enjoys volunteering with local programs. Her free time is spent learning new crafts, reading fantasy novels, traveling, performing in local theater productions, hiking, trying new foods and testing video/board games with her fiancé. 

  • Jacquelinne Castro thumbnail

    Jacquelinne Castro translates Chisme del Pueblo for El Sol Del Valle.

  • James Steindler thumbnail James Steindler begins to understand why people would willingly crawl around underground — to enjoy the solitude and beauty of hard-to-get-to places like the Glenwood Caverns' Black Grotto. Photo by Will Grandbois

    James Steindler, Contributing Editor


  • Larry Day thumbnail

    Larry Day is an illustrator that provides The Sopris Sun with weekly cartoons.


  • Myki Jones thumbnail The Sopris Sun’s Future of Journalism youth education program is underway with four brilliant participants. Our A-Team (from left to right): Todd Chamberlin, James Steindler and Myki Jones with students Marlo Bowman, Maeve Murray, Sofie Koski and Mackenzie Llewellyn and program lead Jeanne Souldern. Photo by Raleigh Burleigh.

    Myki Jones forms part of our robust freelance team and assists with the youth journalism program.

  • Paula Mayer thumbnail Paula Mayer

    Paula Mayer is a freelance photographer and photo editor for The Sopris Sun.

  • Vanessa Porras thumbnail Al No Artista - Vanessa Porras

    Artist Vanessa Porras is a freelance columnist for el Sol del Valle. You can find her website at:

  • Will Grandbois thumbnail

    Will Grandbois has worn many hats for The Sopris Sun, serving as a board member, editor, reporter, web master and interim graphic designer. He currently contributes on a freelance basis.

  • Will Sardinsky thumbnail

    Will Sardinsky is a freelance photographer and writer. His website is:

  • Todd Chamberlin thumbnail

    Todd Chamberlin, Executive Director
    Todd is a Colorado native and has a degree in Environmental Conservation from University of Colorado, Boulder.  He started his writing career as an outdoor writer for Digital City Denver and the Denver Post, then went on to develop his own website focusing on Colorado Outdoors and sold the website to National Geographic.  Todd became Director of Internet Development & Ecommerce for National Geographic. In 2008, Todd moved to the Roaring Fork Valley, where he continued his career in digital media as an independent consultant and working with various marketing agencies here in the Valley. In 2019, he joined the Sopris Sun as the Director of Sales and received several awards for advertising from the Colorado Press Association in 2020. On December 1, 2020 Todd was elevated to Executive Director for the organization. Over the years, Todd has served on various nonprofit boards including AspenOut, Colorado Sierra Club, and the Carbondale Parks and Recreation Commission.

  • Raleigh Burleigh thumbnail Raleigh

    Raleigh Burleigh, Editor
    Raleigh Burleigh was raised in Satank and attended Carbondale Community School. The Carbondale Rotary Club later sponsored him as a youth ambassador to Chile the year before his graduation from Roaring Fork High School. He then studied International Affairs and Journalism at the University of Colorado and applied those studies traveling throughout South America the following year. Returning to Carbondale, Raleigh acquired an internship with KDNK News which led to serving as news director from 2017 to 2019. Raleigh joined The Sopris Sun as editor in the beginning of 2021.

  • Sue Rollyson Persiko thumbnail

    Sue Rollyson Persiko moved to the valley in 1978. She has been taking photos for 57 years. At the age of 13 she began to go on outdoor adventures throughout the country, which created a passion for capturing her experiences with the beauty of nature. She expanded into taking pictures of people and activities when she first started working at RFHS in 2009. She is still involved with RFHS taking photos and tutoring math, as well as being a freelance photographer for The Sopris Sun.

  • Olivia Emmer thumbnail

    Olivia Emmer began contributing to the Sopris Sun newspaper in fall of 2020. Olivia is a photographer and writer with interest in natural resources, conservation, water, and climate change. Olivia is a professional photographer at Olive & West Photography, has ten years experience working at environmental organizations, and graduated from Brandeis University with a degree in Neuroscience. Olivia has lived in Brooklyn, Marin County, Boston, Chicago, Aspen, Asheville and Carbondale.

  • Jeanne Souldern thumbnail

    Jeanne Pinette Souldern is a freelance reporter, originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. While there, she wrote for Minnesota Women's Press, The Pulse, and Turtle River Press. She moved to Carbondale in 2018 and started with The Sopris Sun in Jan 2019. She also facilitates our youth education program.

  • Ken Pletcher thumbnail

    Ken Pletcher moved to Carbondale in 2017 after a long career as a senior editor at Encyclopaedia Britannica in Chicago. Much of his work there centered on the geography, history, and society of East, Southeast, and South Asia but also included numerous articles on U.S. national parks (e.g., Yellowstone) and notable physical features (e.g., Mount Everest). Late in his career he also was the staff vexillologist (flag maven). He joined the Sun staff as a correspondent in January 2019 and has also pitched in as a substitute copyeditor for the paper.  

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