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    Scuttlebutt / Calendar - April 1, 2021

    Wildlife Area Pass
    In response to a growing population and desire for outdoor recreation, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) announced a new Colorado State Wildlife Area Pass on sale May 1. Revenues from the annual pass — $36 with discounts for youth, seniors, and low income — will be… read more →

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    Celebrating and accepting differences

    By Betina Infante

    April 2 is World Autism Awareness Day and the focus for 2021 is to “Celebrate Difference.” This year, Carbondale-based Ascendigo Autism Services [Ascendigo] is at the forefront of a shift in approach from spreading awareness to promoting acceptance. Ascendigo, the Autism Society of America and several other… read more →

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    Springtime at the Source

    By Will Evans

    Each morning

    I greet the mountain

    with gratitude

    and am nourished by

    fresh water

    I am

    mostly water,

    as a descendant

    of Source. 

    I grow in an awareness,

    Source and I are One.

    Buried inside my essence

    a fire awakens and

    I see the world through a… read more →

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    Letters - March 25, 2021

    Re: Climate of love
    I am writing in response to Gwen Garcelon’s column in last week’s Sun. It seems that the incident involving Michael Francisco, the police and City Market is ripe for a restorative, rather than retributive process. All three appear to be not only the affected party,… read more →

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    Scuttlebutt / Calendar - March 25, 2021

    Prescribed burns
    The Bureau of Land Management is completing prescribed fires on federal land in Eagle, Garfield, and Pitkin County, including Cattle Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cherry Creek, the West Divide, Braderich Creek, and Collins Creek. According to Deputy White River Forest Supervisor Lisa Stoeffler, prescribed fire is “a cost-effective,… read more →

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    Craving fashion?

    To observe the second COVID-induced cancellation of Carbondale Arts’ annual Green is the New Black Fashion Extravaganza, a mini campaign series titled “The Fashion of Food: Connection We’re All Hungry For” is tying together support for local restaurants with an ode to fashion.
    Carbondale Executive Director Amy Kimberly,… read more →

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    Speaking open doorways

    Since 2008, Adi Shakti Ashram, the nonprofit umbrella under which Mana Foods operates, has organized a 72-hour Gurmuhk mantra chant in Carbondale. The Guru Granth Sahib, a book of prayers and hymns compiled in the 17th century, is recited as one complete “unbroken sound” with around 18 volunteers taking one… read more →

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    Elevando voces con La Nueva Mix

    Axel Contreras, originario de Guatemala, es bien reconocido por su voz, energía, y dedicación. Ha ganado reconocimiento y apoyo tanto local como nacional por su vocación. Desde La Nueva Mix, una radio comercial con alma comunitaria basada en Glenwood Springs, alcanza servir y entretener a diversos gustos a través de… read more →

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    Defendiendo la Madre: En defensa de la vida misma

    Por Beatriz Soto

    En Defiende Nuestra Tierra estamos muy emocionados de colaborar con el Sol del Valle. Reconocemos que es de gran valor para toda nuestra comunidad y nuestra democracia, que la gente de habla hispana pueda recibir información local y estatal relevante en nuestro idioma. En esta columna hablaremos… read more →

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    Valley Settlement welcomes Latina leadership

    Maria Tarajano Rodman was brought to the United States when she was four years old. She distinctly remembers her mother kneeling to kiss the ground of their natal Cuba before boarding the airplane. Something in her mother knew that they would not be returning within her lifetime. Whether the memory… read more →