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    Work in Progres - Jan. 5, 2022

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    The Resourceful Elf: Part Two
    By Tom Mercer
    Former Carbondalian

    Continued from Dec. 22, 2022 Work in Progress page 

    Snuffles the

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    Letters - Jan. 5, 2023

    R.I.P. Ed
    With the recent untimely demise of veteran Ed “Mex” Pfab, in an accident at home, the Aspen Mountain patrol lost one of its beloved brethren. 

    A couple of vignettes: One time Ed and I partnered doing avalanche control work in theread more →

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    Donde una vez hubo un parque de casas remolque…

    Traduccion por Dolores Duarte

    El 28 de diciembre de 2021, la junta administrativa de Carbondale aceptó discretamente una generosa donación de terrenos de una entidad que solicitó permanecer anónima, aunque los informes de 2018 relacionaban las propiedades donadas y otras con la Fundación Melvin y Brenread more →

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    2022 in review

    Another year has come and gone with hardship and success. We at The Sopris Sun offer this brief look back at just a few of the headline happenings.

    At the beginning of the year, a surge of Omicron, the prevailing COVID-19 variant, had local… read more →

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    Scuttlebutt / Calendar - Dec. 29, 2022

    Coat drive
    Good-hearted locals are collecting winter coats and warm clothing to deliver to asylum-seeking families at the U.S.-Mexico border. Donations will be distributed by Border Servant Corps, a U.S.-based shelter that provides food, clothing, travel assistance, medical care and temporary shelter to some 200 asylum-seekers per day, 40%… read more →

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    The astrology of 2023: Calmer seas ahead

    As I write this, we are in the liminal week between Christmas and the New Year — a week of travel, leftovers, clean-up, and thank-you notes. From this precarious vantage point, we look back and we look ahead, reflecting on the year that was and dreaming into the year that… read more →

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    Letters - Dec. 29, 2022

    Been there
    Unease over others’ opinions and judgment ebbs over time. After seeing societies react poorly to inconvenience and foreseeable change, one tends to become more tolerant and amenable to sharing experience. Through the years, I too have been faced with the challenges life consigns.read more →

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    Chisme del Pueblo - 29 de diciembre

    Traduccion por Jacquelinne Castro

    Cierre de las bibliotecas

    Todas las bibliotecas públicas del condado de Garfield estarán cerradas el Día de Año Nuevo. La biblioteca de Basalt estará cerrada el Día de Año Nuevo y el lunes 2 de enero.

    Donación de abrigos

    Residentesread more →

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    Work in Progress - Dec. 29, 2022

    December Ends
    By Nancy McAtavey

    On this last afternoon of the year, I light my window candles early. I do not want darkness in my home tonight. As I walk from room to room, turning on each white bulb, I amread more →

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    Local group addresses wildlife collisions

    Often while commuting up and down the Roaring Fork Valley, motorists see what we’ve become accustomed to referring to as “roadkill” on the side of the highway. These animals are the victims of vehicle collisions. 

    On a personal note, this reporter recently took the life, inadvertently, of… read more →