This photograph by Paula Mayer won a "Best Sports Photograph" award.

The Sopris Sun is proud to announce that we were given 15 awards at the Colorado Press Association’s annual conference this past weekend. The awards, for work completed in 2022, were as follows:

Best Investigative Story Package – First Place – Tunnel Busters: Stones yet unturned” by James Steindler, Myki Jones, Paula Mayer, Larry Day

Best Crime & Public Safety Reporting – First Place – A Thanksgiving rescue” by James Steindler

Best Arts & Entertainment Column – First Place – Dylan does Grand Junction in Rough and Rowdy style” by Amy Hadden Marsh

Best Humorous Column – First Place – Dylan does Grand Junction in Rough and Rowdy style” by Amy Hadden Marsh

Best House Ad – First Place – Keep The Sun Shining” by Larry Day

Best Print Ad – First Place –Real Eyes Realize Real Lies” by Sheila Pinkel

Best Environmental Story – Second Place – Uinta Basin Railway meets opposition in Glenwood Springs” by Amy Hadden Marsh, Raleigh Burleigh, Dolores Duarte

Best Serious Column – Second Place –Never again?” by Niki Delson

Best Arts & Entertainment Column – Second Place –VOICES highlights queer voices at TACAW” by Myki Jones

Best Agriculture Story – Second Place – CRMPIng along for a better future” by Raleigh Burleigh

Best Social Justice Reporting – Second Place – MANAUS creates sustainable social justice solutions” by Kate Phillips

Best Sports Event Story – Second Place –Elks Traverse record shattered by local distance runner” by Will Buzzerd

Best Junior Journalist Story – Second Place –CRMS invites you to be an osprey host” by Max Seitel-Hayes, George Soukup

Best Cover Design – Second Place – Standing Tall” by Raleigh Burleigh, Hattie Rensberry

Best Sports Photograph – Second Place –Off and running” by Paula Wood Mayer

All awards fell within the Class 5 distinction, competing with papers like The Pagosa Springs Sun, Crested Butte News, Ouray County Plaindealer, Rio Blanco Herald Times and Rifle Citizen Telegram. Congratulations to the Glenwood Springs Post Independent (Class 1) for taking home 11 awards, including overall “Photo and Design” accolades. Aspen Journalism (Class 2) won four awards, Aspen Daily News (Class 1) two awards, and The Aspen Times (Class 2) three awards

Sopris Sun staff left the conference feeling immensely grateful, not only for our own weekly nonprofit publication, but to exist in an innovative state like Colorado and robust local news ecosystem like the Roaring Fork Valley. Thank you to all the donors who make our work truly community-powered.

This cartoon by Larry Day was part of the “Tunnel Busters” investigative story package which won first place.