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    Carbondale gets a cozy chocolate lounge and café

    In 2019, Carbondale’s master of many trades, Mark Burrows, began his chocolate-making career with Pollinator Chocolate. Since then, Pollinator has become the go-to for high-quality, single-source, small-batch chocolate bars, truffles and bonbons in the Roaring Fork Valley.

    Burrows is now dipping into a highly-anticipated business venture with the opening of… read more →

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    LGBTQ book challenged in local libraries

    Book challenges in 2022 are set to exceed those of 2021, according to data released by the American Library Association (ALA) ahead of September’s Banned Books Week.
    Across the nation, the most frequently challenged books contain: LGBTQ topics or characters; sex, abortion, teen pregnancy or puberty; race or racism… read more →

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    RFSD board approves support for LGBTQIA+ students

    On Oct. 26, at a regular meeting of the Roaring Fork School District Board of Education, in a 5-0 vote, a resolution was approved supporting the district’s LGBTQIA+ students.

    Before the meeting, a group of parents and local LGBTQIA+ advocates held what was billed as a tailgate party on the… read more →

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    Catto’s artistic efforts reveal Nature’s designs

    In an essay titled “The Study of Color in Nature”, published in the 1896 edition of The Observer: An Illustrated Monthly Magazine, naturalist and artist F. Schuyler Mathews noted: “Color in Nature is illimitable; there is positively no end to its complexity.” 

    The essay offers the reader a few… read more →

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    Making a ‘Roe-vember’ to remember

    Oct. 8, declared by the Women’s March movement as a national day of action in support of women’s reproductive rights, saw about 80 people gather at Glenwood Springs’ Sayre Park for what was billed as a Women’s Wave rally.

    Supporters stood along Grand Avenue, holding signs,read more →

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    Settling landlord-tenant disputes civilly

    Rental housing. More than any others, these two words will spark a lively conversation with just about any Roaring Fork Valley resident. We all know of someone, or maybe we are that someone, who is a landlord looking for a reliable tenant, or we are the reliable renterread more →

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    ‘Gender toolkit’ addresses inclusion confusion at RFSD

    Rumors of an anti-LGBTQIA+ protest at the Sept. 28 Roaring Fork School District (RFSD) board meeting never came to fruition. What happened instead was a standing-room-only crowd, respectfully listening and contributing to public feedback on the district’s presentation of their “Toolkit for Supporting Transgender & Gender Expansive/Nonconforming Students.”
    Known… read more →

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    Godzilla exhibit examines fallout from the nuclear age

    In their first collaboration, visual artists Brian Colley and Andrew Roberts-Gray present “The Godzilla Show: Planet Eater.” The exhibition, which takes its title from the 2018 computer-animated film of the same name, will explore two man-made phenomena: Godzilla and the nuclear bomb.

    The multimedia installation opens Thursday, Sept. 29 at… read more →

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    Make a wish, TACAW! It’s your birthday!

    The Arts Campus at Willits (TACAW) is celebrating its first birthday with a big cake, an even bigger party and, even better yet, an invitation for everyone to join in the festivities on Sept. 23-24.

    Ryan Honey, TACAW executive director, provided a few milestones for the Year One scrapbook: more… read more →

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    Musician makes the world a smaller place, one song at a time

    Eli Lev’s love of travel and sincere interest in world cultures have outfitted the singer-songwriter with a unique toolkit for musical storytelling.

    Lev will, as he says, “make the world a smaller place” by bringing his indie folk and Americana music leanings, with an “originals and covers set,” to the… read more →