Winner Alex Rode throws a 360 on the final jump.

King of the Crown (KOTC) is a first-of-its-kind competition in the Roaring Fork Valley, bringing together 21 pro dirt jumpers and 18 amateurs with big prize money ($2,250 for First Place). KOTC does not need to make money on the event and is committed to raising funds to pay bike athletes top purses in the industry.

“This event calls out to the best dirt jumpers in the world because the bike industry is currently failing its athletes,” said Event Director Nate Grinzinger. “Come to KOTC to showcase your talent and we will pay you properly.”

The event is looking for more sponsors. Reach out to for details.

Alex Rode from Denver was the winner and King of the Crown in the pro division.

Jorge Arias is widely considered one of the best dirt jumpers in the world, pictured above competing at KOTC. The event also saw Dante Tabuyo of the Mexican Olympic team in competition and Kris Fox who is a previous Olympian and considered one of the best cement riders in the world.

Dax Macomber is a local rider who learned to do his first backflip at Woodward and on the Crown Mountain Bike Park air bag at age 10. He competed in the amateur competition as the youngest rider. Currently Dax trains with YewFlow, a new local bike organization that trains riders of all ages.