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    Pitch event invests millions in rural Colorado

    The Greater Colorado Pitch Series (GCPS) is still accepting applications, but prospective businesses have no time to delay because the deadline to apply is June 10.
    Kiki Hooton is the event coordinator for GCPS. “I”m here to pull off the logistics of the event,” she told The Sopris Sun.… read more →

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    Journeying beyond the threshold

    My family and I first connected with Colleen and Thompson Bishop, co-founders of Alchemy of Prana (AOP), in the fall of 2018. It was a brisk morning, but they greeted us warmly, emanating assurance and serenity. Situating ourselves in a grassy opening enclosed by conifers, we let the sounds and… read more →

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    Scuttlebutt & Calendar - June 2, 2022

    CommUnity Grant
    The Carbondale Creative District invites artists living in a zip code that begins with “816” to apply to create work funded by the new $5,000 CommUnity Artist Grant. All art forms will be considered, including performance, installation and experiential works. The selected project will be publicly displayed… read more →

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    Get ready, get set, know when you 'gotta go'

    The Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District (CRFPD) has a burning desire to come to your house before there is a wildfire. Onsite assessments can identify many simple measures that increase a home’s chances of being spared in the event of a wildfire. Scheduling a CRFPD visit was one of… read more →

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    Ps & Qs: The tyranny of weapons

    I don’t have the words for what just happened in Texas; what is happening in this country. Over 300 school shootings in the last 24 years and we do nothing but scream and cry and pray. What kind of society doesn’t protect its own children? And should that kind of… read more →

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    Letters - June 2, 2022

    Remembering a small town
    Memorial Day, as I write this, is a day to think back to people and things we miss. My father served in the Navy in WWII and Korea on aircraft carriers. I found a history of the ship he served aboard during the crucial naval… read more →

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    May there be pumpkins over the Rainbow Bridge

    Capturing the hearts of families around the Roaring Fork Valley, Daisy, the Yorkshire pig of Happy Day Ranch (HDR) in Emma, passed away on May 2 surrounded by the farmers who loved her. She was eight years old and weighed 500-600 pounds.

    Alizabeth Koster, Daisy’s owner, said that Daisy “put… read more →

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    Work in Progress - May 26, 2022

    By Leonardo Occhipinti

    Kwait is a farmer that lives on the outskirts

    of the great city with his cat, Singapur.

    He dedicates his life to agriculture.

    Today he went out early with his pouch

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    Chisme del Pueblo - 26 de mayo, 2022

    Traducción por Jacquelinne Castro

    Yo Importo

    Colorado Youth tiene planificado un acceso extendido de seis sesiones gratis de salud mental con un proveedor licenciado por medio de los fondos de American Rescue Plan Act hasta el 30 de junio del 2023 y, posiblemente, hasta el 2024.read more →

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    R2 Gallery: Capturing moments in time

    Ever feel like time is relentlessly rushing us by? On June 3, Carbondale Art’s R2 Gallery will host an opening reception for two solo shows allowing us to pause and reflect. The shows are by local artists: Hannah Stoll and Esther Macy Nooner. 

    Stoll isread more →