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  • Systemic Family Constellation: Healing with the Ancestors thumbnail

    Systemic Family Constellation: Healing with the Ancestors


    Are you aware of how the past influence’s the present? Research is showing that the epigenetic effects of intergenerational trauma is passed down through our lineage. Ancestral issues that are at the root of our feelings of lack of well being; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
    In a constellation…

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    TRE® Workshop


    Join Jacy Sundlie and Jacquie Wheeler, TRE® Global Certification Trainers, to experience TRE®, a set of seven exercises that help to release deep tension from the body by evoking a self-controlled muscular shaking process in the body called neurogenic muscle tremors. The uniqueness of this technique is that this shaking…

  • Everyone is Psychic Mini-Workshop + Book Signing Event in the Kiva with Ann O’Brien thumbnail

    Everyone is Psychic Mini-Workshop + Book Signing Event in the Kiva with Ann O'Brien


    Join author, Ann O’Brien, for a mini-workshop and book signing for her latest release, Everyone Is Psychic, in the sacred Kiva at True Nature. Ann will read samples from the book and lead you in simple, fun and effective exercises to immediately access your intuition. You’ll leave with greater clarity…

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    Tyler Stableford lends a helping hand

    There is a small building near Sopris Park in Carbondale that is easily overlooked. It is unassuming, much like the award-winning photographer/director that conducts his successful business from that location. In fact, Tyler Stableford, the owner of Tyler Stableford Productions, is better known by his national clients (whoread more →

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    Why am I cracking up now?

    By Paula Mayer.

    We have all seen the news and read the papers: interpersonal violence and mass shootings over the last few months are escalating. At the same time, Garfield County Overall Covid-19 Score is green and 45% of its eligible population is fully vaccinated ( On May

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    Carbondale Report: Tobacco tax boosts services to support regional youth

    All Carbondale trustees were present at the regular meeting on May 11.

    Items on the consent agenda included accounts payable. Items of considerable expense were $50,360 for trash services, $17,329 for Crystal River restoration work and $7,500 for the second quarter payment to Garfield County Housing for management… read more →