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    English In Action Tutor Orientation Training


    Come learn what it takes to become a volunteer tutor with English In Action and make a difference in someone’s life and an impact in our community. No Spanish language skills or teaching experience necessary. Call 970-963-9200 or email info@englishinaction.org to sign up or for more information.…

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    Six voices share stories of immigration

    They left, to escape poverty, corruption or oppression, as immigrants still do. They took few things with them, aside from their great desire to make a better life for themselves in the United States. Six who found their home in the Roaring Fork Valley made their adopted country better, too.… read more →

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    Seis voces comparten historias de inmigración

    Traducción por Dolores Duarte

    Se fueron para escapar de la pobreza, la corrupción o la opresión, como siguen haciendo los inmigrantes. Se llevaron consigo pocas cosas, aparte de su gran deseo de conseguir una vida mejor en los EE.UU. Seis de los que encontraron su hogar en el valle de… read more →

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    Immigrant Voices


    Presented in partnership with English In Action

    Local nonprofit organization English In Action brings its signature storytelling experience, Immigrant Voices, to TACAW. This event provides a unique opportunity for five immigrant community members, including English In Action students, to raise their voices and share a part of their lives with…

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    Every migrant, wherever they are, matters

    In this Valley, it’s likely that everyone knows or is acquainted with someone who was not born in the U.S. and does not have legal residency status. As author Francisco Cantú puts it, “The border reaches into every community.” 

    For its annual fundraising benefit onread more →

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    Cada inmigrante importa

    Traducción por Jacqueline Castro

    En este valle, es muy probable que todos conozcan o estén familiarizados con alguna persona que no haya nacido en los EE.UU. y que no tenga un estatus de residencia legal. Como el autor Francisco Cantú dice, “la frontera alcanza a todas las comunidades”.
    Para… read more →

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    Mentoring during COVID

    While people await the cumbersome rollout of the coronavirus vaccine, many continuously reel from a sense of separation brought on by the pandemic. A few local organizations not only rely on in-person reunions to perform but also to manifest human connections between individuals. 

    Throughout the year,… read more →

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    Partnering up to prevent evictions 

    With both the national moratorium on evictions and federal aid through the CARES Act set to expire at the end of this month, tens of millions of Americans are at risk of being evicted. Here in the Roaring Fork Valley, a wide range of individuals and entities have… read more →