Vanessa Harmony

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    Fruitful labor

    A bushy apricot tree neighboring the Rio Grande trail was abuzz with chatter and the snap of pruning shears. A group of mostly Carbondale residents had assembled to learn about caring for fruit trees. Hosted by Colorado State University (CSU) Extension, Colorado Edible Forest, UpRoot Colorado and Pitkin County Open… read more →

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    The girl with the green thumb

    Translation by Julian Nihill

    Vanessa Harmony is an excellent model for our new era: innovative, dynamic and concerned about the environment. Breaking from the social convention of marrying and having children, she embarked on studying and rigorously experimenting with nature. Now, professionally, she observes, cares for and curates the healthy… read more →

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    Ella tiene el ‘dedo verde’

    Vanessa Harmony es una digna representante de nuestra nueva era: innovadora, dinámica, y preocupada por el medio ambiente. Rompiendo los esquemas sociales de casarse y tener hijos, se lanzó a estudiar y experimentar formalmente la naturaleza. Ahora, de manera profesional observa, cuida y cura el buen crecimiento de seres arbóreos… read more →

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    Branching Out: Magic of the Lost Trees

    Once upon a time, a young woman typed the last of data into a computer at a desk in a cubicle back East. The saltwater coursing within her ached to lap at shores of earth, to kiss the trees and touch the sky. 

    She encountered masters on her new… read more →

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    Cada árbol es un ecosistema en miniatura

    Traducción por Dolores Duarte

    Este 29 de abril, en el Día del Árbol, los amantes de los árboles tuvieron una buena razón y amplias oportunidades para celebrarlo.

    La historia del Día del Árbol en Estados Unidos data de la década de 1870. Julius Sterling Morton, editor del Nebraska City News,… read more →