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    Branching Out: Lessons in life are seasonal

    Decades ago, I lay in my childhood bed watching my Love’s sleeping eyes twitch, the orbs within, racing. He’d moan, or start, and toss. We were recent graduates, road tripping the States in pursuit of a new landing place, our undetermined adult lives ahead of us. We’d met climbing; he,… read more →

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    Branching Out: Magic of the Lost Trees

    Once upon a time, a young woman typed the last of data into a computer at a desk in a cubicle back East. The saltwater coursing within her ached to lap at shores of earth, to kiss the trees and touch the sky. 

    She encountered masters on her new… read more →

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    Branching Out: What could be more important?

    I assumed it was a sobriety check and downshifted. My truck was packed for camping and a bluegrass festival; I would drive through the night. Emergency lights split the darkness, spinning and flashing on a scene so horrific I gasped at the sight. A cow elk — her eyes wide,… read more →

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    Branching Out: Living into our dreams

    I was a teenager already studying architecture in high school, and I wanted nothing but New York City. I wanted to live on a boat in a marina. I dreamed of tailored mini skirts; long, fitted blazers; and three-inch slingback heels. I would zip about in my charcoal gray Mazda… read more →

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    Zimbabwean Eisenhower Fellow visits local ag innovators

    Defining “permaculture” in his own words, Kudakwashe Manyanga said, “In my country, we have what we call ‘farming God’s way.’”

    On Basalt Mountain, at 7,200 feet, that “way” fills the very air. Red rock cliffs and clear blue skies dazzle the senses. Translucent, new-green leaves unfurl along slender chokecherry stems.… read more →

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    Dandy drummers start the day

    There’s no denying the African drummers carry Dandelion Day’s Parade of Species. An intoxicating wall of sound comes at you, reverberating off historic buildings, whirling, lifting, falling with the spring air and bluebird skies — it’s nearly impossible not to be swept up. And then, of course, there are the… read more →

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    Branching Out: Living the enlivening of spring

    I almost drove off the road when I caught sight of the wild Merriam’s turkeys — two or three toms were in full display mating mode. How could you miss them? Sunlit, the ivory and cream bands of their tail fans were incandescent, their regal sway reminiscent of an elk’s… read more →

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    Cómo obtener un permiso de caza

    Traducción por Dolores Duarte

    Solicitar un permiso de caza puede ser confuso al inicio. Entre las regulaciones de Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) y la simple vieja estrategia del cazador, todavía estoy aprendiendo los pormenores después de 20 años. Si estás leyendo esto, es muy probable que seas un nuevo… read more →

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    A big phat buy in Bonedale

    On Jan. 1, 2022, a year of talks culminated in the sale of Mark Fischer and Lari Goode’s Phat Thai restaurant to local Eric Mitchell and his talented but silent business partner.

    An alluring anchor on Main Street since December 2003, Phat Thai has long been a congenial, social crossroads;… read more →

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    Bow hunting taught locally

    Walter Krom has been hunting with a bow and arrow since 1961, when he tried to hunt a squirrel in his backyard, as many young boys did, back in the day. He grew up in New Jersey, 10 miles from New York City. His dad was a hunter and archery… read more →