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    Letter from Michigan, ’22 (when “normal” maybe isn’t so normal)

    Hello again, fellow Bondalers and Valley dwellers, from verdant, humid southwestern Michigan! Bonnie and I made it to our old stomping grounds a little later than usual but in time for a mostly great July 4 weekend here (see below).

    I can report that during theread more →

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    Shaping the future of wellness in Garfield County

    On Monday afternoon, in a Third Street Center board room, Carbondale citizens were given the rare opportunity to directly voice the concerns of their community to Garfield County’s department of public health (GCPH). This was organized as the fifth in a series of six focus groups, each held across the… read more →

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    Celebremos al aire libre

    Por Omar Sarabia

    Director de Defiende Nuestra Tierra

    El día Sábado, 23 de Julio, Defiende Nuestra Tierra junto con el Aspen Institute y el Servicio Forestal del White River, unieron esfuerzos para celebrar la Semana de la Conservación Latina en un evento llamado «Celebremos al Aire Libre».

    Foto de… read more →

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    Scuttlebutt & Community Calendar - July 28, 2022

    Social justice

    On the fifth Sunday of each month, the Two Rivers Unitarian Universalist congregation hosts a speaker on the topic of social justice. This Sunday, July 31, the guest will be Jorge Montiel, lead organizer of the Mountain Voices Project. The service will be held at 10 a.m. in-person… read more →

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    Help Wanted: A sign of the times

    Seemingly everywhere you look in the Roaring Fork Valley, a permanent “Help Wanted” sign greets customers at the entrance of many beloved restaurants.

    While the constant employee turnover brings uncertainty and inevitable stress for Carbondale restaurant owners, they are adapting to the times and continuing to deliver high-quality culinary experiences… read more →

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    Letters - July 28, 2022

    Re: Human-Nature Garden

    Thanks to James Steindler for his lovely article about a gift to our community (“Human-Nature Garden to land on Rio Grande,” July 20, 2022). The Human-Nature Garden would not be possible without the collaboration of Roaring Fork Transportation Authority (RFTA), which owns the land where the garden… read more →

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    Work in Progress - July 28, 2022

    The Man Next Door, Part Two
    By Tom Mercer

    My name is Alex and this is my story. It was the last week in May 2075 when Chrono-Corp transported me back in time to the first part of  the 21st century. My geographical target was the… read more →

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    The Crystal Palace has fallen

    My childhood home was built around a blue spruce in Aspen’s West End. It wasn’t a good climbing tree — its bark rough with budding pine needles, slathered in sap and opportunistic ants. Still, we struggled up the trunk, planning tree forts and pretending to be pirates peering out of… read more →

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    A new moon rises over Mountain Fair

    The wildly wonderful and whimsical Amy Kimberly, along with stellar superstar Mark Taylor,  prepare to pass along the marvelous responsibility of managing Carbondale’s Mountain Fair — to a squad of apprentices who likewise shimmer with magical mountain fairy dust. 

    Kimberly has been director of the fair for nearly… read more →

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    Human-Nature Garden to land on Rio Grande

    The Rio Grande Trail only gets more marvelous with age — much like Carbondale residents — and new installments along the ARTway continue its beautification. The Carbondale Age Friendly Community Initiative (CAFCI) is proud to announce its upcoming contribution to the pedestrian pathway. 

    The Human-Nature Gardenread more →