Cottonwood Pass

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    County Road 100 detour? Turn back now!

    Elected officials are meeting with highway engineers to grapple with how to keep mudslides and rockfalls, caused by the Grizzly Creek fire scar, from shutting down the 12-mile Glenwood Canyon segment of Interstate 70. When Nature wreaked its canyon havoc, Garfield County Road 100, leading to Cottonwood Pass,read more →

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    El potencial limitado de Cottonwood Pass

    Traducción por Dolores Duarte

    Con el aumento de los cierres de la I-70, la gente que viaja entre Gypsum y Glenwood Springs se debate sobre a dónde girar cuando no puede tomar la vía principal a través del cañón. Residentes de ambos lados recurrieron a atravesar el Cottonwood Pass, pero… read more →

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    Cottonwood Pass’ limited potential

    With increased closures on I-70, folks traveling between Gypsum and Glenwood Springs wrestle with where to turn when they can’t take the main thoroughfare through the canyon. Locals on both sides resorted to traversing Cottonwood Pass but were accompanied by large semis and inexperienced drivers amid bumper-to-bumper more →