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    Sustainable Settings featured in new sci-fi novel

    Action! Mystique! Science! Environmentalism! Sustainable Settings!

    All of this can be found in a new, science-fiction novel, “Viriditas: The Great Healing is Within Our Power”, from author and educator Aaron William Perry.

    Perry grew up in both New York and Colorado, and has been an avid environmentalist… read more →

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    Mountain Fair cuenta con eventos bilingües

    Traducción por Jacquelinne Castro

    Este año marcará el 51o festival anual Mountain Fair, y junto con las actividades que ya conocemos y amamos, también se unieron algunas actividades nuevas y emocionantes. Este año, la zona de Oasis apto para niños de Mountain Fair incluirá la Carparead more →

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    Bilingual events come to Mountain Fair

    This year will mark the 51st annual Mountain Fair, and along with the perennial activities we know and love, it will include some exciting new activities. This year, the kid-friendly Oasis zone of Mountain Fair will include the Creative Canopy Arts Tent and will offer new bilingual more →

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    CRMS invites you to be an osprey host

    If you’ve been along Highway 82 by El Jebel and Basalt, or driven 133 through Carbondale, you’ve probably seen these majestic beauty perched in massive nests atop a lamppost, power pole, bridge or other tall structures. Though not social with humans, ospreys certainly take advantage of our infrastructure. They have… read more →