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All's Fair

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Exemplary of the joyous and supportive vibe that predominated the 50th Annual Carbondale Mountain Fair, limbo co-winner Ben Armstrong (who ended up in crutches) is hoisted into the air by co-winner David Vasquez. 

Contest winners

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  1. Ben Armstrong and David Vasquez

2. Anna Jasmine

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3. Grace Brown


  • Novus Glass thumbnail

1. Lisa Mattson

2. Sara Kokish

  • RJ PADDY thumbnail

3. Beth Johnson


  • C.A.R.E. thumbnail

1. Emily Eshelman

2. Mira Bromber

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3. Kylyn Bradshaw

Cake: Alternate

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1. Amelia Eshelman

2. Peter Dandoff

  • KDNK thumbnail

3. Kay Cesark

Pie Exotic

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1. Jeff Liddington

2. Chris Bilby

  • Dave Taylor thumbnail

3. Larry Ott

Pie Cream

1. Gloria Greene

2. Jenn Liddington

3. Jacque Johnson

Pie Fruits

1. Jacque Johnson

2. Peter Daridorf

3. Gloria Greene

Horseshoes Doubles

1. Charlie Taylor and Josh Johnson

2. Pat Duncan and Brody Smith

3. Frank Anderson and “Baggs” Craig Hoffman

Horseshoes Singles

1. Frank Anderson

Fly Fishing

1. B.J. Schmit

2. Liza Mitchell

3. Dan Berg

Bike Women’s

1. Cloe Lutging

2. Annie Gonzalez

3. Kristie Poll

Bike Men’s

1. Hadley Hentschel

2. Evan Fletcher

3. Canyon Cherry

Bike Kids

1. India Smith

2. Lexi Moebius

3. Phoenix Chenney

Mt. Sopris Run-Off (14 miles)

1st Male Michael Barlow

1st Female Rachel Perkins

Mt. Sopris Run-Off (4 miles)

1st Male Jaden Peck

1st Female Liza Mitchell

Wood Splitting – Women’s

1. Alyssa Baker

2. Stacy Neal

3. Amy Ackleh

Wood Splitting – Men’s

1. Dave Emig

2. Matt Langhorst

3. Mark Ross

Worstminster Dog Show

Worst in show: Falco

Best in show: Luna

Vaccine doses administered: 45


Drawings by Larry Day: 


Photos by Renee Ramge:


Photos by Klaus Kocher:


Photos by Mark Burrows:


Photos by Raleigh Burleigh 


Photos by James Steindler: 



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