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    From Siberia to Colorado: Mountains and lakes connect environmental educators

    By Sarah Rose Johnson
    Wild Rose Education

    Sharing our love of water, land, mountains, culture, faith and teaching; the late summer exchange partnership with Irina Aiurzanaeva through the Eurasia Foundation US-Russia Social Expertise Exchange became more abundant than I could ever have expected.

    I met Irina… read more →

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    Local climate educator returns from the Arctic

    Nearly 100 miles offshore, north of Utqiaġvik, Alaska, Sarah R. Johnson, founder of Wild Rose Education in Carbondale, carefully leaned out of a hovering North Slope Borough Search and Rescue Sikorsky S-92 helicopter.

    Pausing for just a moment to take in the vastness of the Arctic Ocean, Johnson exhaled as… read more →

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    COP26: Mejorandonos como ancestros

    Por Sarah R. Johnson

    Traducción por Dolores Duarte

    El mundo te necesita a ti, y a ti, y a todos y cada uno de nosotros para funcionar juntos como una auténtica comunidad, construida con relaciones genuinas y un profundo cuido por los demás y de nuestro hogar en común: el… read more →

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    COP26: On becoming better ancestors

    By Sarah R. Johnson

    Wild Rose Education

    The world needs you, and you, and you, and each and every one of us to operate together as an authentic community, built of genuine relationships and deep care for one another and our common home: Planet Earth. This communal leadership is what… read more →

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    Local educator to attend UN COP26

    Valley local and environmental educator Sarah Johnson is heading to the United Nations in Glasgow, Scotland for the 26th annual Conference of the Parties (COP26). Johnson is giddy with excitement and anticipation to attend the international event regarding climate change. 

    For 26 years, leaders from most of the world’s… read more →