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    Reina Katzenberger creating coincidence with community

    By James Steindler

    To Reina Katzenberger, art is more than a medium expressing one creative’s mind; it’s about community. That is why the local artist is inviting anyone and everyone to visualize and take part in her creative process. 

    “Art in Process” is a workingread more →

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    GarCo report: The highs and lows of Garfield County governance

    James Steindler

    The Garfield Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) took six and a half hours to address the Jan. 17 agenda. For the recording of the entire meeting, visit: 

    COVID update

    The county’s newly-appointed director of public health, Josh Williams, appeared for his… read more →

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    Jean Alberico tallies up the years

    By David Rummel

    Jean Alberico is the longtime Garfield County Clerk, and she’s going to miss the job. 

    “I’ve loved this job from the get-go because there is so much interaction with the public,” she says. 

    But, after 40 yearsread more →

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    You can take our bags but not our bingo

    From the archives of The Valley Journal and Sopris Sun

    Jan. 21, 1982

    Carbondale Trustees approved a $3.5 million Industrial Revenue Bond (IRB) to support the construction of a strip mall at the southwest corner of Main Street and Highway 133. The so-called “Mall at Roaringread more →

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    The flipside to the short-term rental debate

    By James Steindler

    There are two sides to every coin and, following the Carbondale trustees’ Dec. 21 work session addressing Community First Carbondale’s (CFC) proposal to regulate short-term-rentals (STR), a flip-side presented itself.

    In response to the work session, a contingent of people inread more →

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    Letters - Jan. 13, 2022

    The gift of you

    Money is great. If we have any extra, we ought to spread it out to help others. It is satisfying if done correctly, which means being guided by good intentions. But, don’t forget, we are also great. Even better than money. So we ought… read more →

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    Pet adoptions surge trailed by surrenders

    By Myki Jones

    As people were told to stay home in 2020, due to the initial spread of COVID-19, pet adoptions from animal shelters skyrocketed. However, in 2021, animal shelters across the country have reported a record amount of those same animals being returned, or surrendered,read more →

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    My first run in porcelain

    By Dyana Z. Furmansky

    I don’t ski, so answering The Sopris Sun’s year-end dare to its reporters, to “do something you’ve never done before,” with my first descent down a double black diamond run, was one possibility. Except, for me, ski resorts are like factory farms for winter… read more →

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    Letters - Jan. 6, 2022

    Thanks Gary!

    The “retirement” of Dr. Gary Knaus, preceded by Dr. Rick Harrington, are great reminders of our debt to people who built the social infrastructure in Carbondale. 

    Rick and Gary were health care in town and built a strong practice that isread more →

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    Digging the dark

    By James Steindler

    Sometimes it takes friends to get you out of your comfort zone. It takes even better ones to get you to cross that proverbial boundary while at your side every step of the way. So, with a little help from my friends, for 2022 I

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