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    Robotics meets farming in Silt

    On tour with Spring Born Director of Marketing and Sales Danielle Davis, the building is permeated with the dank stench of nutrient-dense peat. The recently-built, 3.5-acre lettuce factory, located in Silt, will deliver year-round, fresh greens that have touched no human hands. “The first time the greens will be… read more →

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    Stars, stripes and traffic lights

    Weekly observers may have been surprised to see that on Sept. 13 the Garfield County commissioners convened their regular meeting within the county’s third district, at Silt Town Hall.
    First, the commissioners “ratified” the decision to send a letter to the Colorado Congressional Redistricting Committee regarding their dismay at… read more →

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    Semillas de cambio sembradas en Silt

    Traducción por Dolores Duarte

    En una calurosa tarde de verano en Silt, una de las muchas con temperaturas por encima de los 100 grados, seis estudiantes de high school trabajaron diligentemente para completar una cosecha antes de tomar su almuerzo bajo un gran álamo en el borde de la granja… read more →

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    Seeds of change sown in Silt

    On a hot summer afternoon, one of many with temperatures fixed above 100 degrees in Silt, six high school students worked diligently to complete a harvest before taking their lunch beneath a large cottonwood tree at the edge of Highwater Farm.

    “It’s the best summerread more →