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    Meet the Author: Nancy Bo Flood


    Spend a morning with author Nancy Bo Flood as she presents her books, First Laugh: Welcome Baby and I Will Dance during Native American Heritage Month. For the past twenty years, Nancy has been working with Navajo and Hopi teachers. Together they searched for books in which students could see…

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    “Hoodwinked” unravels limitations

    “Hoodwinked” is a nonfiction book by Carbondale resident Larry Gottlieb. The title is derived from a word that means “to deceive or trick; to blindfold.” The work of this part-memoir, part-thesis is to remove that blindfold and welcome the reader into the myriad of possibilities existing just beyond their self-fulfilling… read more →

  • Meet the Author: Donna Lee Humble


    Meet the local author of the new book Seek, Not for Love.

    Donna Lee Humble has written this book specifically for those who have so much passion and so much to share, but have been unable to move forward due to unresolved traumas, physical ailments, lack of energy, or a…

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    “A Rewiring Life”: pairs well with pandemic

    One thing that may hold true about 2020 for just about everyone is that our plans were turned thoroughly upside-down, with the rug pulled out from underneath whatever momentum had been building. Suddenly, people were faced with a new kind of opening and the opportunity to reflect. We’veread more →

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    Honoring women peacemakers

    “I was worried that people would say, ‘Oh gosh, I could never bring the whole Masai village back or anything like that!’ I want readers to see the tactics of these women so they can apply them on an everyday basis as ordinary people.”
    Paonia farmer and author… read more →