Denise Moss

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    Achieving diversity requires Affirmative Action

    Guest opinion by Denise Moss

    Invoke the word “diversity” and you’ll get a reaction as varied as Peppino’s topping combinations. It’s a mantra, a boogeyman, a goal, a scourge. It’s the straw man for the far right, pointing its craggy finger at yet another reason our society is falling into… read more →

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    Se necesita de todo un pueblo

    Especial para The Sopris Sun

    Traducción por Dolores Duarte

    Angelique Pretorius está iniciando una nueva vida, libre del desamparo que sufrió durante toda su infancia en Sudáfrica. A sus 25 años, logró llegar a Estados Unidos y ha comenzado sus estudios universitarios. Ese esread more →

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    It takes a village

    By Denise Moss
    Special to The Sopris Sun

    Angelique Pretorius is starting a new life, one free of the helplessness she suffered during her entire childhood in South Africa. At 25 years old, she has made her way to America and started her college education. That’s step one. But… read more →

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    Letters - Nov. 3, 2022

    Re: SkiCo trails

    In response to Allyn Harvey’s letter to the editor on Oct. 28, I totally agree that more ski trails should be named after women who have made an impact on Aspen. I need to mention that there is another trail you may have been unaware of, probably… read more →