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    Work in Progress - June 16, 2022

    Jus’Another Day
    By Carolyn Hall 

    She rolled the cigarette ‘round her lip
    As she shot the eight ball in.
    Set down her stick and strolled away
    Said, “Thanks – men!”

    Plopped her ass up onread more →

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    Work in Progress - June 2, 2022

    A furry surprise
    By Gianna Zambrano
    Saint Stephens Catholic School

    It all started in a small house in California. Two girls lived in this house, Arya and Maise. They were very excited because today was the day they got to stay homeread more →

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    Convergent Circus: an eclectic delight

    The Convergent Circus was an eclectic experience of visual performances, art, poetry, music, sound, light and spiritual connection through the four elements. It even included a bit of time travel! You entered through a door that immediately became a portal to a different world, and followed a meandering,read more →

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    Larry Day: thriving in the chaos

    Larry Day is a jack of all artistic trades and a master of many. A cartoonist, painter, children’s book illustrator, advertising storyboard designer, technical illustrator and arcade game creative designer. Now he can add another title to the list — Carbondale Mountain Fair poster/t-shirt design winner, on theread more →