A furry surprise
By Gianna Zambrano
Saint Stephens Catholic School

It all started in a small house in California. Two girls lived in this house, Arya and Maise. They were very excited because today was the day they got to stay home by themselves for the first time! Their parents had to leave for a business trip, so they would have the whole house to themselves for the weekend.

They waved to their parents as they watched them drive away, then they ran inside. They had a list of things they were going to do. First, they ate as much candy as they could! They jumped on their beds, had dance parties, played with their mom’s makeup and played games like hide and seek through the whole house!

By the end of the day, they were exhausted. They got into their beds. They had a bunk bed, so Maise climbed to thetop and Arya laid on the bottom one, then they fell asleep.

“Something grabbed my leg!” yelled Arya.

She climbed to the top bunk bed and shook Maise awake.

“What’s going on?” asked Maise, still half asleep. 

Three eyes were staring at her! She hurried back to the top bunk and they both went under the bedsheets.

“There is a monster!” she exclaimed. “What do we do?”

After a while of thinking, Maise suggested they throw some candy under the bed to distract it, then run to the nearest room. She had a stash of candy under her pillow so the plan was perfect. Arya agreed to the idea.

“There’s something under the bed. It grabbed my leg!”

Maise thought Arya was joking around.

“Ok, I’ll go see if there’s a monster under your bed,” she said sarcastically. She climbed to the bottom and looked under the bed.

“On three — one, two, three, go!” yelled Maise.

Arya threw the candy, they ran, closing the door behind them and huddled in the corner. Through all their panting, they laughed a little because they knew plan had worked! Or had it?

The door slowly creaked open. They both closed their eyes, unable to look at what was there. Then, suddenly they felt a soft, furry arm around them.

They slowly opened their eyes. Was it the monster hugging them? It was, and it was not as scary looking as they had imagined. But, why was the monster hugging them? The monster then began to speak.

“I didn’t mean to scare you two. All I wanted to do was join the fun you were having. I was too nervous to ask so I hid under the bed. I was going to leave but I accidentally hit your foot. I am sorry,” the monster said.

The two sisters were confused but not scared anymore. In fact, they both felt bad for the monster. The monster began to leave.

“You can join us!” said Arya.

“Really?” asked the monster.

The girls nodded and laughed. This whole time they were scared when they should not have been. This was the most fun and craziest day of their lives. They had another dance party, candy and more. But, this time with their new friend.

“Wake up girls, we are home,” they heard they’re mom call.

The girls hugged their mother, and as soon as she left the room Arya asked, “Where is our friend?”

“I do not know,” said Maise.

They looked, and looked, and looked for their friend but could not find him. Was it all a dream? Was the monster even real? They could not have had the same dream, could they? Then, Arya found a note on the bed…