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Work in Progress – June 16, 2022

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Jus’Another Day
By Carolyn Hall 

She rolled the cigarette ‘round her lip
As she shot the eight ball in.
Set down her stick and strolled away
Said, “Thanks – men!”

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Plopped her ass up on the stool
Flipped the ashes to the floor.
Ordered up another round
For the three of them, or four.

Said my name’s Keri, I’m a passin’ through
I just skinned a rattlesnake 
And need a board and a nail or two
What’d you say there, Jake?

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She threw the shot of vodka down
And headed for the room.
When she came back out, she quartered up
Just in time to cue.

Ain’t no use in thinkin’ boys
I’m leaving here alone.
I got my rig and I got my dog
I’m just here to make atone.

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I stopped across the border
In a small town much like this.
I lost my pride and my money too
Lemme give this day a new twist.

Don’t want your family’s money
Don’t want your billfold thin.
Just want a few back that I just lost
Down the road, ‘round the bend.

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When she looked around, she was all alone
With a pocket full of fins.
Jake, she said, I’ll be right along
And she grabbed that rattler’s skin.

She stretched him out ‘n’ nailed him down
And she salted him real good.
Then she threw the board into her rig
And left like she said she would.

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You’re a good ol’ girl and companion too
She whispered to her dog.
We’ll eat good tonight, yeah tonight
If we ever get out of this fog.


A second chance
By Kaylee Molina
Saint Stephens Catholic School

All of the sudden, I wake up gasping for air. I made it out alive, except I woke up as a little girl. Was I given a second chance at life? How will I live it?

My name now is Maddy and this is the story that totally changed my life. When I was 17 I made so many bad decisions. I used to drink while driving. I didn’t listen to my parents even though they loved me and I used to smoke and vandalize. I had ruined my life. I had many friends that forced me to make many bad decisions. We were the “popular” kids at school and also the best looking — I was a total brat. I was super mean to everyone that crossed my path other than my “friends.” 

Now, I feel bad for all the things I did to others. This is how it all started… 

One night, all the popular kids were invited to a party. My parents didn’t know I was going to the party and I didn’t want them to find out. I texted my mom , “Mom don’t come in my room — I’m sleeping .” 

As soon as I sent that text I texted my “best friend” Kim, “Come pick me up, loser!” Once she got to my house I jumped out the window, ran to the car and we drove off. Once we got to the party I was astounded. The house was immense. There were about twenty cars parked outside and I couldn’t wait to get inside. This was for sure one of the finest parties I’d ever gone to. All of the jocks were there and we were all having a good time. I wanted to leave around 12 a.m but Kim told me I was a party pooper. I wanted to prove her wrong so I decided to stay. 

Once the party was over it was 3:36 a.m. and I had to leave asap. My mother wakes up at 4:30 a.m. 

Kim was very drunk and I hadn’t drank too much but I still felt sick. When we got into the car she said that she was too drunk to drive, so I took the wheel and started driving. It was all going smoothly until I saw a bright light and my life flashed before my eyes. 

I heard a huge crash. I had a little trouble breathing because something had hit my stomach. I heard sirens in the distance coming closer and getting louder and louder. It was overwhelming. I was on the verge of crying  but I couldn’t feel anything. I was torpid. 

All of these memories were flashing in my head of how I had a perfect life and I took it all for granted. I never told my parents I loved them. I never gave them a hug. I never told them how thankful I was for everything they had sacrificed for me. 

I always thought God was not real. I always thought he was fake and people would just talk about someone who didn’t exist but I never realized that he was an actual person and that he suffered for us. I never believed in him but now I needed him more than ever. So, I started to pray, “Dear God, I don’t know you very well and I’m not sure if you’re able to hear me, but please help me survive. Please give me a second chance at life.” 

The next thing I knew, I was lying in a bed at the hospital and my mom and dad were crying holding each others’ hands for comfort as I layed on the hospital bed. I could hear but could barely open my eyes. The more I tried to open my eyes, the more I knew I wasn’t going to be able to see much. I felt helpless and my body was unable to move. Then, I felt a warm tear fall down my face and a cold shiver strike through my body, making me open my eyes. As I sat up I didn’t see anyone, it was an empty room that was freezing cold and there was a little girl. The little girl ran towards me and said, “ Take my spot. God has a spot for me in heaven.” 

As I start to feel warm again, I wake up gasping for air. I made it. I’m alive! 

While looking around for my parents, I glance in the mirror. I had woken up as the little girl who had run up to me in the cold room. I can’t find my parents and now I’m lost walking around alone in the hospital. I then get a glimpse of my mom walking out of  a room. The room number was 134 and I looked inside to see my dad was on the floor weeping. My body was lying on the bed, yet here I was alive. This was the miracle I was praying for. 

As I run up to my mom I give her a hug and I know she’s bewildered. As I explained everything, her face started glowing. She looked like the happiest person on the earth. I gave her a huge hug and ran to my dad. He had heard everything and he also looked very confused but happy and he gave me the tightest hug. I felt safe with him. I am now fifteen and I’m living as Maddy. I live with my mom and dad. They adopted me the day I told them everything.  I am now living my best life. I am a Catholic and I will never make the same bad decisions I had made before. I promised God I would become a better person. I love God more than ever because if it wasn’t for him that little girl would have never come to me and I would have been as good as dead. ~ Maddy

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