Bill Fales

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    Carbondale ranch, water trust launch second effort to boost Crystal River flows

    Courtesy of Fresh Water News

    In July, Cold Mountain Ranch and the Colorado Water Trust penned an agreement they hope will improve the Crystal River’s streamflow in dry years. The contract compensates the ranch owners, Bill Fales and Marj Perry, for adjusting the timing of their water diversions when… read more →

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    El público informa restauración del lobo

    Traducción por Dolores Duarte

    Los lobos son depredadores y los humanos también. Por eso, respetar el espacio del otro, dicen los expertos, es clave para evitar conflictos entre ambos. Según el sitio web del centro internacional del lobo (, “las lesiones que se han producidoread more →

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    Public informs wolf restoration policy

    Wolves are predators and so are humans. Therefore, respecting each other’s space, experts say, is key to avoiding conflict between the two. According to the International Wolf Center’s website (, “The injuries that have occurred [to humans] were caused by a few wolves that became fearless of humans… read more →