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    Work in Progress - March 16, 2023

    Makeup and hair, makeup and hair, spanning time backstage at Green is the New Black (GITNB)…

    Backstage at GITNB, 2010. Sopris Sun archived photo

    Backstage, 2023. Photo by Jane Bachrach… read more →

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    Basalt Report: Fears amid Midland Ave construction

    On March 14, Basalt Town Council held a well-attended meeting to discuss, among various things, the Midland Avenue Streetscape Project. The meeting opened with impassioned public comments concerning Midland specifically.

    Complaints were reiterated by business owners along Midland — especially restaurants — that the construction wouldread more →

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    Letters - March 16, 2023

    Not so icy
    Several places in Carbondale improved this winter, especially the Promenade and sidewalks near the Recreation Center. Thank you to those whose efforts were put forth. And, flowers to the road crew who worked during those warm, melting February afternoons followed by deep-freezes overnightsread more →

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    GarCo Report: Local dogs and cats win big, fireworks are banned and the courthouse is too cold

    Sometimes funding request grants from the Garfield County Commissioners are like an awards ceremony. “And the winner is!” This time local dogs and cats won big. The commissioners approved Colorado Animal Rescue’s (CARE) request of $230,000 to continue its work.

    Wes Boyd, CARE director, and programread more →

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    Work in Progress - March 9, 2023

    Sheila Markowitz
    Glenwood Springs
    November 1980 

    I first thought about selling him when July came and I hadn’t ridden Rambler even once the previous month. I felt uneasy. He was an important part of my life. It seemed the need to be with… read more →

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    Letters - March 9,2023

    Charles Wicker Moses II
    The shockwaves from Wick’s passing generated a tsunami of emotions and memories for me. Wick and I were married in 1975, and we split up four years later. Wick was too young; I was way too young. While I now refer toread more →

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    Work in Progress - March 2, 2023

    By Melissa Sidelinger

    When I first met you, love,
    It was like being reacquainted
    With a very dear friend
    As if in another lifetime
    We had promised to find each other
    Here in this one

    Before I met you
    read more →

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    Letters - March 2, 2023

    Re: ReEnergize
    Last week’s paper included a press release from Garfield Clean Energy (GCE) asking residents to apply for “ReEnergize” and other programs which subsidize home energy use reduction measures. It noted that the program has limited funds. Another article reported that last year the fundsread more →

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    Works in Progress - Feb. 16, 2023

    Song for the Times
    By Kitty Riley

    When you hear the news 
    How more people have died 
    And you think there are clues 
    To what could have been tried 
    To stop the handread more →

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    Letters - Feb. 16, 2023

    Dog manners
    The human population explosion in Carbondale has also created a dog population explosion. Truth be told, many of us prefer dogs to humans. After all, it’s the irresponsible humans who are now causing almost daily altercations at both the Nature Park and Hendrick Ranch dogread more →