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    Thoughts on the Hayden, the Meeker Uprising, and the Crystal Trail

    When Ferdinand Hayden’s team of surveyors entered the Crystal Valley in 1873, they noted the existence of a “hardened trail” running from the summit of what is now known as Schofield Pass down to the confluence of the Roaring Fork and Colorado Rivers. At this point, the surveyors were the… read more →

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    Ute history returns to Redstone

    Before they were marched out of Western Colorado in the 1880s, the Utes had spent some 10,000 summers in the Crystal River Valley, home to the Redstone Historical Society (RHS) since 2001. RHS invited C. J. Brafford, director of the Ute Indian Museum in Montrose, to talk about the present,… read more →

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    RVR walks us through time

    Fifty people, give or take, showed up to the grand opening of the new River Valley Ranch (RVR) History Trail. In conjunction with the Carbondale Historical Society, RVR installed several informational panels along the paved path which circles the development.

    The premise is that folksread more →