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    Celebrating 50 years and new contract: Garfield County Senior Nutrition Program

    Come for the food, and stay for the company — the Department of Human Services’s (DHS) senior lunches are back on in eastern Garfield County.

    Since 1972, the DHS’s Senior Nutrition Program (SNP) has focused on creating meaningful connections and healthy meals for seniors around theread more →

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    Buscando fe y esperanza en la tormenta

    Traducción por Dolores Duarte

    Lo que nos quedó muy claro durante la pandemia es que muchos buscan fe y esperanza durante una época de gran incertidumbre. A medida que individual y colectivamente navegamos por esas incertidumbres, comunidades religiosas miran a sus líderes religiosos en busca de guía espiritual y apoyo… read more →

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    Seeking faith and hope in the storm

    What became evident during the pandemic is that many seek faith and hope during a time of great uncertainty. As we, individually and collectively, navigate those uncertainties, faith communities look to their faith leaders for spiritual guidance and emotional support.
    The Sopris Sun sent a request to nine local… read more →