Senior Matters

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    What can we do? We can plant trees!

    What can we do? 

    By Illène Pevec

    Special to The Sopris Sun

    In Colorado and around the world, devastating fires have burned, are burning, will burn. Droughts dry, high-speed winds blow. Sea levels rise around the globe, threatening entire island nations and our own coasts! What can we do… read more →

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    Senior Matters adjusts and accommodates

    By the Senior Matters board
    Special to The Sopris Sun

    Senior Matters has been Carbondale’s nonprofit arm for older adult programming since 2008, when we were designated a sub-committee of the Parks and Recreation Commission and set up shop at the Third Street Center. Senior Matters’ three-year goal was… read more →

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    Mature Content: Adjust, accommodate, repeat…

    Martha Gallagher, MD, a retired anesthesiologist living in the Boston area, is an avid lifelong backpacker, hiker and wannabe skier. Over the years, she has plied the slopes of Aspen and Snowmass, walked the trails of the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness and visited with her close friend, Judie Blanchard of more →

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    Every tree is a mini-ecosystem

    This Arbor Day, April 29, tree enthusiasts have good reason and ample opportunities to celebrate.

    The history of Arbor Day in the United States reaches back to the 1870s. Julius Sterling Morton, editor of the Nebraska City News, was an avid proponent of planting trees and often wrote on that… read more →

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    Container Gardening


    Container Gardening is a fun way to grow plants in a small area adding color and texture to your house, porch, yard, patio, etc. This presentation by Master Gardener Debbie Martin will cover the why, where, what, how and planning for growing plants in containers. We’ll explore potting soils and…

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    Chisme del Pueblo - 15 de abril, 2021

    Traducción por Jacquelinne Castro

    Valley Settlement busca cubrir varios puestos en sus equipos de programación. Hay oportunidades con El Busesito, Educación para Adultos, Familia, Amigos y Vecinos, y Aprendiendo con Amor. Si usted o alguien que conoce está interesado en unirse a una organización comprometida con… read more →