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    What can we do? We can plant trees!

    What can we do? 

    By Illène Pevec

    Special to The Sopris Sun

    In Colorado and around the world, devastating fires have burned, are burning, will burn. Droughts dry, high-speed winds blow. Sea levels rise around the globe, threatening entire island nations and our own coasts! What can we do… read more →

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    Gratitude to the Native Americans who helped our ancestors

    We learned in grade school about the Native Americans sharing seeds and agricultural knowledge with the Pilgrims. Just imagine, a Pilgrim had never seen corn, squash or beans, the “three sisters” plants cultivated and adapted by our continent’s first peoples. Later events, the broken land treaties, Trail of Tears… read more →

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    What I did with my parents’ bodies

    want to share our experience of handling my parent’s end of life process as this may help others.

    My mother died in August, 2014. My father died last May. In both cases my children and I cared for them at home as neither wantedread more →