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    Steve Cole, signing off

    It’s early on a cold winter morning. The sun has yet to crest over the eastern hills and a layer of ice is settled over everything outside. As residents of the Valley sip coffee, scrape windshields and commute to work, a warm, familiar voice on the radio assures them that… read more →

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    The good pastor hangs up his headphones

    Yes, alas, it came to pass — on Christmas Day, no less. Legendary DJ Pastor Mustard (aka Dan Sadowsky) announced during his weekly “Bluegrass with Mustard” show on KDNK that, after the better part of two decades on the air with it, this would be his last one.

    In a… read more →

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    Elevando voces con La Nueva Mix

    Axel Contreras, originario de Guatemala, es bien reconocido por su voz, energía, y dedicación. Ha ganado reconocimiento y apoyo tanto local como nacional por su vocación. Desde La Nueva Mix, una radio comercial con alma comunitaria basada en Glenwood Springs, alcanza servir y entretener a diversos gustos a través de… read more →