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    Opinion: Getting beneath the bullying

    If you tell a bully to stop bullying, it’s not going to work. Let me put this a different way; if you tell a hurt individual to stop externalizing their pain and taking it out on others, it’s not going to work. Plain and simple, current anti-bullying strategiesread more →

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    Un futuro mejor

    Traducción por Dolores Duarte

    YouthZone, un programa local que ayuda a los jóvenes a mejorar sus perspectivas de futuro busca ampliar la colaboración entre la población a la que sirve.

    Según su página web, YouthZone es una “organización sin fines de lucro que daread more →

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    A brighter future by and for the youth

    YouthZone, a local program that helps young people improve their future outlook, is looking to expand collaboration among the population they serve.

    According to their website, YouthZone is a “family-first nonprofit dedicated to fostering positive youth development for teens that call the Western Slope their home.”read more →

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    Why is journalism important?

    By Sopris Sun youth journalists

    Maeve Murray

    After joining The Sopris Sun’s new youth journalism program, we were asked one question: why is journalism important? We responded with various ways of saying: “getting information out to the public” and “connecting the community.” 

    However important these things are, throughout this… read more →

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    It's time to step up our support for teachers

    Teacher retention, and employee retention in general, has increasingly been a problem in the Roaring Fork Valley.  Recently, it has become a crisis. As COVID-19 spread throughout the Valley and schools shut down, teachers were put under immense pressure and many even quit.

    There were many reasons… read more →