Carbondale Wild West Rodeo

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    Riding into the wreck

    It was the summer of 2019 and I was sitting in the grandstand at Gus Darien Arena. The first round of ranch bronc riding was underway. A bronc came flying out of the bucking chute and took that cowboy clear across the arena. A man on horseback roderead more →

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    Chasing cans

    Love of competition, need for speed and control, a sense of community. These are the backbone of barrel racing, a Women’s Pro Rodeo sanctioned event dating back to Texas rodeos in the 1930s.
    This summer, Carbondale’s own five-year-old Teagan Rice has competed in three Junior Barrel Racing events at… read more →

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    Un día más para José Cano

    Traducción por Dolores Duarte

    Cada jueves por la noche en el Carbondale Wild West Rodeo, la monta de toros es el evento final. ¿Por qué nos gusta ver a los valientes atletas montar 1,500 libras de agresividad? Por la misma razón por la que reducimos la velocidad en… read more →

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    Just another day at the office for José Cano

    Every Thursday night at the Carbondale Wild West Rodeo, bull riding is the final event. Why do we love watching brave athletes ride 1500 lbs of rank meanness? For the same reason we slow down on the highway to gaze at a multi-car pile up: we want everyoneread more →

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    Let's rodeo!

    “Our heavenly Father, we pause at this time, mindful of the many blessings you have bestowed upon us. We ask, Lord, that you be with us in this arena of life. We as cowboys do not ask for special favors…” The last time Carbondale rodeo fans heard Brandenread more →