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KDNK: 40 years on the air and in our hearts

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On April 15, KDNK celebrated 40 years at the Third Street Center. Figures from throughout the station’s history converged for a memorable evening that began with a ticketed dinner and storytelling followed by dancing with the Magic Beans. 

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KDNK Music Director Cody Lee transformed a corner of the Third Street Center into a record store in the Calaway Room lounge for partygoers to peruse. 

Artist Chris Hassig fashioned a symbolic mortgage to burn at the party, celebrating that the building at 76 South Second Street is now fully paid off and owned by the station.

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Archives from KDNK’s history filled several tables in the Calaway Room lounge.

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Local elders John Stickney, Art Ackerman (oldest DJ on the air) and Sondie Reiff enjoyed the outdoor bonfire after dinner.

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Former music director Skip Naft skipped over from Paonia and posed here with Cami Britt for a photo.

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DJ Susie Darrow, host of “The Frog Princess,” sported a classic KDNK t-shirt.

Virginia Squier, one of KDNK’s first station managers, shared a few stories from the community radio’s especially wild days.

Mike Speer revealed an early attempt for call letters, before “KDNK” was procured from the FCC. “KUBU” would signify “you be you,” and was thought of by Lee Swidler. (buy zolpidem from india)

Annie Flynn gave a heartfelt speech honoring the late Wick Moses, followed by a toast.

Local archivist and Wholly Bozo Terry Glasenapp also spoke to KDNK’s history.

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