Sondie Reiff

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    KDNK: 40 years on the air and in our hearts

    On April 15, KDNK celebrated 40 years at the Third Street Center. Figures from throughout the station’s history converged for a memorable evening that began with a ticketed dinner and storytelling followed by dancing with the Magic Beans. 

    KDNK Music Director Cody Lee transformed a corner of the Third… read more →

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    Sage VOICES Theatre Project begins with a kiss

    The Sage VOICES Project is a 12-week intergenerational artistic project that combines storytelling and devised theater.

    Produced by The VOICES Project, a Carbondale-based nonprofit arts education organization, the collaboration intentionally brings together stories by “sage” and youth participants.

    The inspiration for MinTze Wu’s first production since joining VOICES as the… read more →

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    Letters - June 23, 2022

    What can we do?

    Plastic? In the 1940s, when I was growing up, there were very few plastics and we lived without them. Now, they make life easier, but we do pay a price. Plastics show up in our waterways and are found in sea life throughout the world. Plastic… read more →