Amy Hadden Marsh

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    Dylan does Grand Junction in Rough and Rowdy style

    Bob Dylan and his Rough and Rowdy Ways Band played Grand Junction, of all places, on July 1. It was my first Dylan concert ever and I figured that he’s 80 and I’m well into my 7th decade on the planet so maybe I’d better get with more →

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    Our Town: Mountain Maes, a fifth-generation Carbondalian

    You may have heard the dulcet tones of 16-year old Mountain Maes spinning some jazz sides on KDNK last Saturday night. Or perhaps you’ve heard his stories, public affairs shows and music sets on the Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program (AZYEP) for almost a decade. Mountain’s dream, to be… read more →

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    Trophy hunting ban bill dies in committee

    That was fast. Senate Bill 31 — a measure that would have prohibited trophy hunting of mountain lions, bobcats and lynx in Colorado — was introduced in the state legislature on Jan. 12 and, less than 30 days later, died in committee. The state Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee,… read more →