Local and legendary musical man, Clay Boland Jr., posted sheet music and audio of his Halloween inspired song, “Ghosts, Goblins & Ghouls: A Halloween Graveyard Dance” on his YouTube channel, @claybolandjr.5149, to share with the world, and particularly the Valley. Visit www.bit.ly/GhostsGoblinsGhouls and boogie like the boogeyman this Halloween.

‘Ghost of Cattle Creek’ Shoutout
The Quint family was the first to inform The Sopris Sun of their sighting of the Ghost of Cattle Creek, featured as a contest on last week’s Works in Progress page. Congratulations, Quints, and thank you for participating — and sharing another photo. Have a happy Halloween!

As the moon
By Jampa
Gossamer seed pods of wild clematis
silvery as the moon
Yearning to twine around the sun bright rabbit bush.

Nature’s Plan
By Andrea Holland 

Nature paints the hillsides 
golden orange red 
upon the forest bed. 

There they lie together 
like pages from the past 
edges browning fast 

Don’t mourn the passing season
for nature has a plan 
she’ll cover leaves this winter 
by spring they’ll green the land.