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    Equity Speaker Series continues with Assétou Xango

    On Nov. 29, MANAUS and The Arts Camps at Willits (TACAW) will host poet Assétou Xango for the fourth installment of their Equity Speakers Series in the Roaring Fork Valley.
    The Equity Speaker Series is a free, community-facing program that hosts space for experts in the realm of diversity,… read more →

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    Mature Content: Kristi’s Legacy

    Kristi Nicholls was a Carbondalian, psychotherapist, triathlete, CAFCI steering committee member and mother of four. On Oct. 30, she legally and peacefully ended her life, with her four adult children at her side, before having to endure the grand mal seizures and strokes that would have been in her future.read more →

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    Work in Progress - Aug. 25, 2022

    Our town, one table
    By Just Jim

    Tucked in the Rockies
    Beneath Mother Mountain
    Whimsical beings
    And, a table to seat them all


    By A.P. Harrison
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    Work in Progress - June 23, 2022

    The King of Panda Peak 

    By Nancy McAtavey

    “Honey, I’m home,” she called from the back door. “What have you been… oh, snap! You’ve got your ski boots on.” She set the shopping bag on the counter and reached for her cell phone. “I have to get a picture… read more →

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    Local poet writes a better world into existence

    Tony Alcántara has been writing poetry for the last 10 years, publishing poetry under his legal name — José Antonio Alcántara.

    Known to friends as Tony, he explained, “When I started writing poetry, I wanted to use my legal name, José, instead of Tony, because Iread more →

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    Poesía bilingüe por estudiantes recién llegados

    Newcomer emerging bilingual students in Mary Hernandez’s class at Carbondale Middle School studied poetic techniques and used sensory imagery to write biographical poems. They wrote and revised bilingual poems in Spanish and English, and strategically chose which language to use to create their ideas. They then practiced reading expressively beforeread more →

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    Letters - March 24, 2022

    Climate talk

    The expansion of “climate” discussions  from reducing greenhouse gas emissions to “resilience” and “mitigation” and “adaptation” and “justice” and “equity” and other issues is healthy but can distract from greenhouse gasses. Emissions reductions from us and our energy providers are required as soon as possible to maintain… read more →

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    Letters - March 3, 2022

    From the heart

    In February, my heart got broken so I had a stent put in it! Once more, I played “Beat The Reaper” and won. I want to thank and praise ALL the medical and staff people at Roaring Fork Family Practice and, especially, Valley View Hospital. 

    In… read more →

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    Letters - Feb. 24, 2022

    Redstone to McClure Pass

    I am very proud of the work that our public land managers have done to bring this long-desired and much-needed trail and safety project to fruition. The West Elk Loop Scenic and Historic Byway (Highway 133), unites communities, brushes four diverse wilderness areas and is a… read more →

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    Letters - Nov. 4, 2021

    Re: PSSWF

    The article in The Sopris Sun on Oct. 28 about Pauline S. Schneegas Wildlife Foundation (PSSWF), while interesting, missed some important facts:

    The essence of the foundation is black bear rehab and release work and ursine rehabilitation in the 21st century is a rare profession.

    There are ONLY… read more →