Cactus art by Chris Brandt, created at Drawing Club. The Roaring Fork Drawing Club meets weekly on Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. Their next gathering, on Nov. 15 will be in partnership with Seed Peace at Craft Coffeehouse. Artists will be invited to draw the squash that will be auctioned off for the Seed Peace fundraising event on the following Thursday. Courtesy art

Your creativity counts
By Just Jim

It’s on the wall
Down Main Street
Everywhere you look
Creativity abounds

Carbondale, Glenwood
And beyond
Sprouting from minds and hearts
Through fingers on the page

It seeps through the cracks
Up through your toes
Falls from the sky
Like snowflakes and red hats

Admittedly, sometimes difficult to pin
Staring at an empty page
White canvas caves in
Hope may even seem futile

But, stare long enough and…
Words begin to form between blue lines
The brush strokes
And, curves become shapes

Flourishing into form
Distinct or abstract
Narrative or poetic
Possibility put to the test

There is a place
Where written pieces mingle with color
Why, it’s right here 
On the Works in Progress page

Completed or not
There is no matter
Imperfect continuity 
The human experience mimicked

Let your creativity shine
Within The Sun
Alongside your neighbors’
Imperfect or not

After all, without you 
There is no Works in Progress page

And, it’s simple
Email submissions to
Open the paper and voila 
The piece settles on the page 

It may feel vulnerable 
And, takes courage it’s true
But your worst critic
Is a trusted friend

Creativity abounds
In this wondrous town