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    Critical habitat designation for lynx reconsidered in Colorado

    On April 25, Wilderness Workshop (WW) and WildEarth Guardians, a national nonprofit, secured a legal agreement with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) that directed the agency to once again reevaluate critical habitat for the Canada lynx.

    The agreement was approved by the District Court of Montana, and the… read more →

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    If an aspen grove falls, continued

    For part one of this two-part series, click here

    The Forest Service has stated that the logging on William’s Peak, along Four Mile Road, is to create a disturbance, “and cutting areas with mature aspen stimulates their root system to vigorously regenerate.” However, users ofread more →

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    Part 1: If an aspen grove falls…

    Since February 14, 2022, the popular backcountry recreation area Williams Peak, located along Four Mile Road, has undergone a transformation. A 90-acre “treatment area,” as it’s referred to by the Forest Service, sees a forest once so dense it required bush whacking to navigate, turning into a fieldread more →

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    ¡Celebremos el Día de las Tierras Públicas de Colorado!

    Por Omar Sarabia
    Director de Defiende Nuestra Tierra

    En mayo de 2016, Colorado se convirtió en el primer estado de la nación en establecer un feriado estatal para nuestras tierras públicas cuando la Asamblea General de Colorado aprobó un proyecto deread more →

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    Cada árbol es un ecosistema en miniatura

    Traducción por Dolores Duarte

    Este 29 de abril, en el Día del Árbol, los amantes de los árboles tuvieron una buena razón y amplias oportunidades para celebrarlo.

    La historia del Día del Árbol en Estados Unidos data de la década de 1870. Julius Sterling Morton, editor del Nebraska City News,… read more →

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    Arbor Day


    Come visit Coffman Ranch for an Arbor Day celebration of Aspen Valley Land Trust and Wilderness Workshop’s 55th anniversaries. You can help plant a tree and enjoy coffee and donuts out on the land, and learn a bit about both organizations.

    This community event is free, but space is limited…

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    Every tree is a mini-ecosystem

    This Arbor Day, April 29, tree enthusiasts have good reason and ample opportunities to celebrate.

    The history of Arbor Day in the United States reaches back to the 1870s. Julius Sterling Morton, editor of the Nebraska City News, was an avid proponent of planting trees and often wrote on that… read more →

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    Defiende: Preparing for the 2022 fire season

    By Omar Sarabia
    Defiende Nuestra Tierra 

    The long winter has ended and, little by little, spring is arriving with sunny and warm days. You can see plants blooming, hear birds singing and grasses are getting greener every day. It’s a beautiful time to explore theread more →

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    E-bikes gain traction

    By the end of March, the U.S. Forest Service announced finalized guidelines for districts that wish to expand the use of electric bikes (e-bikes) on its trails in the future. 

    E-bikes are currently permitted on all Forest Service roads and 60,000 miles worth of motorized accessible trails — which… read more →

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    Preparando para la temporada de incendios

    Omar Sarabia es el director del programa Defiende Nuestra Tierra en Wilderness Workshop. Puede comunicarse con él en (correo electrónico, whatsApp, FB)

    El largo invierno ha terminado y poco a poco llega la primavera con días soleados y cálidos en los que se pueden ver las plantas floreciendo, escuchar el… read more →