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    Works in Progress - June 8, 2023

    Wildcat Brian Colley
    The Cowboy Corral sang this tune to Brian Colley during his “Colleywood” debut on May 12.  It goes to the tune of  “Ragtime Cowboy Joe.”

    Here in Carbonda-le where the artists are,
    There’s a man whose flamin’read more →

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    Get your geek on! Comic Festival returns to Glenwood Springs Library

    In its second year, Garfield County libraries are celebrating Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) with a comics festival, to be held on May 6 at the Glenwood Springs Library from 11am to 6pm.

    Alex Garcia, education and events manager for the Garfield County Public Library District, has worked… read more →

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    Work in Progress - Feb. 9, 2023

    Long Story Short
    By Sofie Koski

    Clarissa‘s heart pounded. She scrolled with a certain propensity through the articles and blogs;  her eyes searching. Her hack program ran listlessly on the split screen. She tugged nervously on her camisole,read more →

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    Uphilling at ASC ain't free but remains affordable

    The four mountains — Aspen (Ajax), Buttermilk, Highlands and Snowmass — attract droves of locals and tourists every year and — sans global warming — the appeal will not likely diminish anytime soon. Some people prefer to bypass the chairlifts and opt for the more time-consuming, yet less expensive option… read more →

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    Work in Progress: Oct. 27, 2022

    Wendy Moore
    By Bob Schultz

    School servant leader
    Director of thespians
    Bravo Wendy Moore!


    End of the Leaves
    By Jampa 

    Leaves, most fallen down
    Follow me in on my shoes
    Crunching under foot.



    read more →
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    Work in Progress - Oct. 5, 2022

    Dream Time
    By Tom Mercer

    Dream Induction Technologies Corporation (DITC) had established an incredible record of success since its creation in 2041. The company was founded by Jay Skillton-Adams, the neuroscientist who initially developed and commercialized the dream induction process.

    Skillton-Adams introducedread more →

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    Continuing the life cycle with green burials

    Life is full of many cyclical trends — from fashion and food to names and colors — but it all starts with the cycle of life and, consequently, death. Burials, like produce, began trending in a less natural direction with the manipulation of an organic process.
    Pre-Civil War burials… read more →

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    Work in Progress - June 23, 2022

    The King of Panda Peak 

    By Nancy McAtavey

    “Honey, I’m home,” she called from the back door. “What have you been… oh, snap! You’ve got your ski boots on.” She set the shopping bag on the counter and reached for her cell phone. “I have to get a picture… read more →

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    Snow day, schmo day!

    While Feb. 23 was a snow day for Roaring Fork School District (RFSD) students, the business of the Board of Education went forward. Their regularly-scheduled meeting, originally slated to be in-person at the district’s offices in Carbondale was, due to weather, held instead via Zoom.
    The board’s work session,… read more →

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    La educación en casa ofrece una alternativa

    Traducción por Dolores Duarte

    El sol empezaba a asomarse por la costa de California cuando se escuchó el suave sonido para el desayuno en la caravana de la familia Bannon-Levine, enclavada bajo las secuoyas. 

    Sin prisas, Katie Bannon, residente en Carbondale, y su marido, Scott Levine, conversaban con su… read more →