Elizabeth Key

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    Colorado History: From an ancient sea to present-day extractivism

    Colorado’s present-day topography and natural resources have been millions of years in the making. Initially, the land mass known today as “Colorado” was located south of the equator as part of a supercontinent. As the continent drifted, geological processes broke it down and covered it with seawater. Duringread more →

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    The loudest voice in the room

    Why do representatives sometimes vote in favor of big money instead of protecting the community?

    A couple of decades ago, I wrote a letter to the editor comparing Aspen to the seven deadly sins. My mother was worried, fearing the resulting community ire. The letter mostlyread more →

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    Bosom Buddies opens cafe con leche in El Jebel

    Breastfeeding is a personal choice, but it can also be a biological decision. My first experience with breastfeeding was challenging. As an expecting new mother, I spent my nesting months obsessively researching. The literature said the science was conclusive; breastfeeding provides the optimal nutrients to enhance babies’ eyesight, brain… read more →

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    Letters - Aug. 25, 2022

    Re: Redstone incident
    I am a regular contributor to The Sopris Sun and also a resident of Redstone. I moved to the Redstone community last October and I find many of my encounters to be lovely and inclusive. I believe we have a wonderful communityread more →

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    Housing insecurity takes a toll on health

    Melanie Test is a web and graphic designer living with her 13-year-old son in the Crystal River Valley. After moving nine times in as many years, Test is still seeking to provide a stable environment for her son.

    As a single mother, she has experienced significantread more →

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    The Crystal Palace has fallen

    My childhood home was built around a blue spruce in Aspen’s West End. It wasn’t a good climbing tree — its bark rough with budding pine needles, slathered in sap and opportunistic ants. Still, we struggled up the trunk, planning tree forts and pretending to be pirates peering out of… read more →

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    It’s elemental: fire, lightning, wind and water

    Fire and water are opposites, but when it comes to weather, they are interconnected. Large wildfires can generate their own weather systems. Weather travels through vertical columns in a convective process, but fire and weather are almost cyclical in nature as they create and destroy one another.read more →

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    My personal burn scar: An appeal for volunteer firefighters

    It was July 3, 2018, when we fled our Hillcrest home and the hotshots were called in. We watched from Willits as the choreographed fire dance began; flames popped up and the chopper released rains of red retardant. The hillside was studded with brush fires crowning our home.read more →