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    Basalt joins wildfire reduction collaborative, and a lawsuit sends council into executive session

    In the only matter requiring a vote at the Basalt town council’s regular meeting Tuesday, Oct. 11, councilors unanimously approved participating in a memorandum of understanding to form the Roaring Fork Valley Wildfire Collaborative (RFVWC). As the first such collaboration in the Roaring Fork River drainage and contiguous areas,… read more →

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    Basalt Report: New public works manual approved

    With spring break and a slim agenda before it, the Basalt Town Council’s regular meeting was wrapped up in less than 30 minutes Tuesday night. Mayor Bill Kane described those present to take care of the town’s business as “a skeleton crew,” owing to absences of Councilor David Knight and… read more →

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    Ukraine, through Zaslowsky eyes

    Between pogroms, my grandfather, David Zaslowsky, and two of his brothers immigrated to New York City from their village south of Kiev called “Bohuslav” in Ukrainian, “Boguslav” in Russian and “Boslov” in Yiddish, which was the language the Zaslowskys spoke. Zaslowsky, also spelled in several different ways, wasread more →

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    Slug It: Happy to be here

    I read that John Hinckley, the man who shot President Ronald Reagan, might be released in a year if his mental health remains stable. Hinckley also ushered me into my 22-year stretch of freelancing for The New York Times. So whenever I hear about Hinckley, I recall thatread more →

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    Activistas exigen soltar apoyo para petróleo y gas

    Traducción por Dolores Duarte

    Más de 400 residentes del área de Carbondale firmaron una petición entregada el viernes,24 de septiembre, al director municipal interino de Carbondale Kevin Schorzman, exigiendo que la junta administrativa de Carbondale se desligue de las finanzas municipales de los bonos de petróleoread more →

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    Black Hills rebates help save energy, for now

    People who own or rent multi-family homes shouldn’t be excluded from energy-saving upgrades and rebates readily available to single family homeowners. One problem is that it can be complicated and time-consuming for property managers to know about free devices that could be installed, or qualify for rebates fromread more →

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    Activists demand trustees dump oil and gas holdings

    More than 400 Carbondale area residents signed the petition delivered Friday to Interim Town Manager Kevin Schorzman, demanding that the Carbondale Board of Trustees divest Town finances from the Exxon and Chevron oil and gas bonds in the Town’s investment portfolio. John Hoffmann, a Carbondale blacksmith and formerread more →