Critical Race Theory

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    Critical Race Theory must be taught

    Opinion by Antoinette Brasier
    Carbondale Middle School 

    As of 2022, seven U.S. states have banned Critical Race Theory (CRT) from being taught in schools. CRT is an intellectual and social movement by civil-rights scholars and activists who seek to examine the intersection of race, society and

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    Critical race theory: not a new concept

    A three-word phrase — “critical race theory” — has popped up frequently in the American lexicon over the last year. CRT, as it is commonly referred to, has become a topic of public comment at school board meetings across the country. 

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    Guest opinion: Let's talk about race

    By Mira Winograd

    Four months ago, I was paging through a newspaper when one of the headlines caught my eye: “Aspen School District: We’re Not Teaching Critical Race Theory.” I was shocked, to say the least. The article went on explaining how parents were concerned aboutread more →