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Sun Signs: Uranus in Taurus, Mars retrograde

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Two events dominate the astrological stage this summer. One, which began in mid-May but will be in effect until 2026, is Uranus’ ingress into Taurus. The other is Mars’ imminent retrograde in Aquarius. Today we stand ankle deep in one, at the precipice of the other. (by ambien online)

Uranus is antithetical to the sign of Taurus, hence his time there promises to be exciting. Uranus is resistant and restless, signifying sudden breakthroughs and breakdowns. Uranus represents the violent entrance of the new onto the stage of the rigid and outdated. Often Uranian interruptions are not gentle nor convenient, but if one has the fortitude to weather them, greater personal freedom awaits.

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Taurus on the other hand, is the sign of the Zodiac that loves stability more than any other. Serenity and simplicity, creature comforts, and connection to things of value are Taurus’ chief significations. Uranus will spend roughly seven years in Taurus, during which values, collective and personal, may undergo sudden and surprising shifts. Radical changes in how money is understood, already foreshadowed by the rise of cryptocurrency, can be expected to continue.

Because Taurus is the most stable sign of the zodiac, wherever it falls in an individual’s chart represents the most stable area of life. Over the next seven years, each of us will experience sudden restructuring of the area which we have heretofore been able to rely upon for groundedness. What kind of upheavals can be expected? When it comes to Uranus, the planet of surprises, the only sure path is to expect the unexpected. (For an explanation of how to find the area of your chart effected, see my March 2018 article)

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The other dominating narrative of the summer is that on June 26, Mars will station retrograde in the sign of Aquarius. Because of Mars’ particular orbit, Aquarius is the least common sign for a Mars retrograde; there has not been one there since the summer of 1971. In contrast, there have been three Mars retrogrades through Leo in the same time period.   

When a planet goes “retrograde,” it means that from earth, the planet appears to be moving backwards. Astrologically, the significance of the planet becomes more internalized and reflective during retrograde periods, and for Mars, that means frustrated.

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Mars represents the personal will, how each of us go about getting what we want, asserting ourselves, and accomplishing tasks. Mars in Aquarius asks for visionary solutions, fierce with idealism. Mars in Aquarius is about working smarter, not harder.

Mars will be retrograde from June 26 to August 27. His retrograde will bring up problems of personal power or powerlessness, and that can mean touchy tempers, both in our friends and coworkers, political movements of all kinds, and those that love Twitter.

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It will be hot summer, so watch out for anger, both yours and others. Think before you act. Mars retrograde periods can re-write the rules of engagement, sometimes because of grievous transgressions.  

Whitney Will is a Carbondale native and student astrologer who holds a BA in the History of Math. To find more astrological writings or to book a reading with Whitney, visit her at

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