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    Saturn in Pisces: Trauma, healing and metaphor

    Metaphor is the champion of intersecting realities. What a nifty tool, to be able to capture the essence of something by peripheral association. It speaks to the paradox of seeing things more clearly by not focusing on them too intently. I have faith in metaphor because it isread more →

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    The astrology of 2023: Calmer seas ahead

    As I write this, we are in the liminal week between Christmas and the New Year — a week of travel, leftovers, clean-up, and thank-you notes. From this precarious vantage point, we look back and we look ahead, reflecting on the year that was and dreaming into the year that… read more →

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    Mars Retrograde in Gemini: It is a great time to change your mind

    One of the things about astrology, as with life, is that if you pay attention long enough, eventually it is just the same stuff over and over again. Despite buzzwords like “portals” and “lion’s gate” and evolutionary language, astrology is essentially the study of cycles that repeat more →

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    Sun Signs: April's Jupiter-Neptune conjunction

    On Tuesday, April 12, the planet Jupiter will pass over the exact degree of the zodiac where Neptune currently resides. This cohabitation of planets, called a “conjunction” by astrologers, combines their significations and offers a potent elixir. These two meet each other only once every 13 years, makingread more →

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    Sun Signs: The Pluto Return of the USA

    The past several years have been harrowing, to put it simply. From the personal to the political, the stresses of the pandemic have exhumed many things from our personal and collective histories. At a national level and through the lens of astrology, this is to be expected as the United… read more →

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    Sun signs: Venus retrograde renews joy

    There was one time, a few years ago, when I had a religious experience over pasta. I was invited to the soft opening of Free Range in Basalt, and Flip Wise, the chef at the time, had invited the local farmers. The chitarra pasta arrived, and after theread more →

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    The Mars cycle, the Hero's Journey and you

    In a recent YouTube video I recorded for last week’s full moon in Pisces (Sept. 20), I emphasized that full moons are the halfway point, not the end of the cycle. They represent the culmination of the waxing, creative force, and pivot us into the receptive half ofread more →

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    Sun Signs: Gemini season shenanigans

    It’s Gemini season. The sweet few weeks of the sun’s time in the sign of the twins opens our windows and our social distancing mandates to let in fresh air and connection, perfect for the first air sign in the zodiac and one that is all about theread more →

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    Saturn square to Uranus, the astrology of 2021

    The dominating headline of 2021’s astrology is a series of squares between Saturn, the planet of constriction, and Uranus, the planet of rebellion. Squares are a relationship of 90 degrees between the planets that denotes conflict and tension between the two parties. They are simply at cross purposes, goading each… read more →

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    Solstice conjunction heralds air epoch

    Saturn and Jupiter met up at the same degree of the zodiac, known to astrologers as a “conjunction,” on Monday’s winter solstice in the first degree of Aquarius. The conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter, known as “the Great Conjunction,” occur every 20 years, making it a significant astrological phenomena, but… read more →